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  1. What OS do you use? Windows XP, Vista, Mac, Ubuntu Linux, etc.
  2. Apparently, Google says defragmenting an iPod can increase battery life. So I tried it. And it seemed to be a little bit better, i don't know how significant.
  3. We are actually still ok by 2014, because only bug fixes have been stopped, not security fixes. Rarely see a bug fix on auto updates, always see security fix.
  4. With all due respect, what OS do you use?
  5. The location for the cache, stuff like that would change every time so i doubt ccleaner would work for that
  6. This is probably really stupid, but does defragmenting an iPod improve performance?
  7. Hypothetically, if I did checked the disk for errors would that solve it?
  8. The files are probably in use, so try with these steps: 1)Click start, run 2)Type Msconfig and press enter 3)Click Diagnostic Startup, Apply 4)Restart your computer and run CCleaner To return to normal follow the previous steps except click Normal Startup instead of Diagnostic
  9. I am a regular subscriber to pcworld, so i see this type of stuff before. CCleaner's been mentioned many times before, i guess they just don't want to show favor to a specific company?
  10. Check this out: Freebies! Notice Defraggler and Recuva are in there! Go Piriform!
  11. Nowadays people can get several terabytes by putting drives like Western Digital's 2TB HDD together in RAID
  12. Yeah, i usually go through each section and look for important things.
  13. CCleaner removed 4GB of crap (with the help of the winapp2.ini file)
  14. Possibly your BIOS battery?
  15. It doesn't require a formal uninstall, so yeah just delete it
  16. I'm having similar trouble here. On the lower left corner i get an error
  17. NRT (Norton Removal tool) works really good. After a couple restarts your system will be norton free
  18. comper6


    Isn't backing up a game violate DMCA?
  19. When I ran a deep scan on Recuva it gave a message sorta like scan failed cyclic cylinder redundancy. Does anyone know why, have that problem, or know the solution?
  20. Windows firewall doesn't act like other firewalls (Explains why you should use another firewall) so it usually doesn't conflict with other software. Take zonealarm free for example, it works better with windows firewall on. Pretty much it just depends on the software you use
  21. Maybe like an index service of all programs... Unfortunately the portable version would have problems reindexing every time the app is launched
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