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  1. I need Direct 9.0c, Where can I safely download it from and is the software free? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for the info.. And Andavari thanks alot for the info..I was about to unistall the old versions to install the new one.
  3. The problem was actually my 4 year old wire mouse..It used to disconnect and reconnect and that was causing me to lag. I tried a wireless mouse and the problem I had is gone now..I will just get a new wire mouse. xD
  4. I recently got a Microsoft update on this..It's Microsoft .NET Framework. The latest version. Is it worth downloading it? What's the point of downloading it also, like what does it work for? Thanks in advance.
  5. Well I've been using a wireless mouse and it seems like it's working fine now...I'm guessing it's the mouse since it's abit old. I might just get another wired mouse.
  6. I know for a fact it is not a virus/malware etc. I don't use this computer for Internet surfing just to play a few online games.. I guess the only option is to try my wireless mouse and hopefully the problem is gone.

    Mouse Lag!

    Does anyone know how mouse movements affect the csrss.exe windows executable? Well, my in games lag is because of this executable. When the mouse isn't moving everything is fine and that executable's CPU is at 0 %. As soon as I start moving the mouse it jumps to over 40%. Anything I can do to stop getting this problem?
  8. A friend of mine asked me today if his modem has "wireless internet signal" since the modem he has have something like dsl+router in the bottom of the modem. Does that means his modem also has wireless internet signal? And if he does have wireless how can he activate it or check? Also what does PPP stands for?
  9. Hmmm how? So there's no risk at all about someone knowing your I.P?
  10. Sooner or later Marijuana will be legal, The government will make good money by taxing it. It would be consumed and sold under the same law alcohol is.
  11. What are the damages someone can do with your I.P?
  12. What would be a decent speed for $20?
  13. I need help looking for a free clean software to open .swf files.
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