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  1. What is your experience with Windows Defender? I been using it since before they changed the name to 'Defender' and it's never found a single cookie.Or anything else.Ad-aware and Spy-bot ,now and then, still do.I have Winpatrol and Spyware Blaster as well....Is Defender just taking up space on my hard drive?
  2. Thanks for the responses to all...I'm using Windows XP SP3.And the matter is not with the tip/ID balloons that come up when you place your cursor over the icons.They're O.K.It's when a program tries to inform me of something it's just preformed and I can't see if I have to respond or if it's just a note....I might add that I always keep my Task Bar on 'Hide' and the way I know that something's up is that the bar comes up,I hear a "Bloop", and, lets say, the icon for Windows Defender has appeared but it's notification balloon has not.
  3. YoKenny...Yes it is...On both user accounts.
  4. This is a matter I've just lived with and not bothered with,but...A couple of years ago or so, I noticed that the notification balloons of my Task bar were no longer appearing.They still appear in the other user account on our computer....When I right-click an icon I still get the menus and everyone functions fine.But when I hear the "ping" from, let's say Windows Defender or Spybot S&D, no balloon is visible and I can't read or respond to it....I use Ad-Aware,WinPatrol and Avast Anti-virus also and none say anything about any tampering...Any thoughts?
  5. I just installed CC 2.17 and it's the same situation as with CC 2.16....I uninstalled my 2.15 so as to have a fresh install, and no help...Put the 2.15 back and all is well...Have I reached the end of my CCleaner updating?
  6. I'm also running Windows XP, service pack 3...Still back with CCleaner 2.15 and everything is working just perfect.Our computer is about five years old and doesn't have much RAM(512),so I've come to depend on CC to help in keeping it agile.RAM Idle helps as well.
  7. Dennis...Thanks,but I already reinstalled 2.15 from Filehippo and everything's working as good as ever.(I really do value this program.)...I think I'll wait til 2.17 before updating next...Thanks again for your help,guys.
  8. I looked in the Task Manager and FF wasn't running.I even opened FF and ended it in the Task Manager to see if that would change it, but no.This situation was noticed yesturday, so I've already already rebooted.CCleaner refuses to clear my internet cashe because it thinks FireFox is open.....Is there somewhere I can get another 2.15 version of CC again?
  9. Hi,new member here....My situation is, I've just updated to 2.16.830 and when I run 'analyze' I get the message that I must close FireFox even though it is closed.The same thing happens even if I haven't opened FireFox yet...I've uninstalled/installed CCleaner and no change.FireFox is updated...This is the first problem I've had with CCleaner since I stared using it about a year ago.Help would most appreciated as FF is my main browser.Thank you.
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