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  1. New "Windows Repair" version (v2.40) released. http://www.tweaking.com Post your comments, bugs found & suggestions on the forum of the "Tweaking.com" website.
  2. New versions of "Registry Compressor" & "Windows Repair" released. http://www.tweaking.com
  3. Frankly, I never gave it too much thought because I never "touched" Win 8 or Win 8.1. But you're right. When I look "underneath the bonnet" of Windows Repair v2.0.0 then it's clear there're a number of significant differences between Win 8 & Win 8.1. And one way those differences are expressed is that the info/data/code for the Services in the registry differs.
  4. New version of "Windows Repair" (v2.2.0) available. More repairs available for Win 8. (How long will Win 8 last ???)
  5. I tried Qttabbar as well. But Clover is simply better.
  6. Clover 3.0 http://download.cnet.com/Clover/3000-2248_4-75732861.html http://ejie.me/ A plug-in that adds tabs to Explorer. Makes handling of files & folders MUCH more easy. I am actually seriously thinking of dumping XYplorer Why didn't Microsoft add this feature to Explorer ?
  7. New program available at www.Tweaking.com: A tool that makes it more easy to change firewall rules. Check it out. http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/tweaking_com_%28right_click%29_allowblock_or_remove_windows_firewall.html Post your comments/suggestions/bug reports on the Tweaking.com website forum. Not here.
  8. I used the previous version. (I just downloaded the latest version).To confirm the results of Everything I alway do a "Dir c:\....." search in cmd.exe. I can't remember which files were missed but there were a few overlooked. (complicated stuff with the "System32","Syswow64" & "Winsxs" folders and all the redirection that's going on.(Symbolic links etc.))
  9. EVERYTHING overlooks files in the Windows system subfolders. I use it but I don't trust it too much.
  10. "Registry Backup" version v1.6.8 released. The program now supports Win 8.1. http://www.tweaking.com
  11. I must rewrite my previous post. People who had problems with Win 8 and ran Windows Repair (WR) in an attempt to fix their problems noticed that when "Reset Registry Permissions" was run, the App Store "broke down". The new WR version seem to have a fix for this "breaking down". I used the word "seem" because I don't have Win 8 and that's why I can't test it. But perhaps there're people on this forum who did test it ? @Hazelnut; thank you for your kind words. I take it as a compliment for all the work I've put into WR, I helped to trace many a bug, gave suggestions how to improve the p
  12. For those who have problems with the App Store in Win 8: Try the new Windows Repair v2.1.0. Perhaps it will help to solve your problems as well. Post your comments not here but on the forum of the Tweaking.com website. http://www.tweaking.com/ http://www.tweaking....all_in_one.html
  13. Windows Repair has moved to version v2.0.0. http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/tweaking_com_windows_repair.html
  14. @Andavari: Panda may use a very special way to register itself in WMI. That is, directly into the Repository itself. If that happens then even rebuilding the repository with Windows Repair or the MOFCOMP command won't help when it got corrupted. Then there's no other choice but to re-install the program again.
  15. Today,"Bleeping computer" still needs to update their download files for the new Windows Repair (v1.9.17) and Registry Backup (v1.6.7). It's better to go to Major Geeks. They had the new versions only hours after they were released. http://www.majorgeek...ows_repair.html http://www.majorgeek...try_backup.html
  16. @Dennis: "Major Geeks" is MUCH faster.
  17. @Andavari: Try the new Windows Repair version v1.9.17. Does this adress your AV problem better ?
  18. Yes, I am familiar with this problem. http://blogs.technet.com/b/askperf/archive/2009/04/13/wmi-rebuilding-the-wmi-repository.aspx
  19. For those who like to play a game (on their smartphones): http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/letter_avalanche.html Post your comments, bug reports, questions and other requests on the Tweaking.com forum website http://www.tweaking.com/forums/
  20. Follow the instructions in post #4. The program "Windows Repair" executes the same commands.
  21. Recently I added 4 GB memory to my Win 7 laptop. When I had only 4 GB then Windows would fill the entire 4 GB with data of some kind. In normal situations CM would limit memory usage to between ~ 20% and ~ 35% and the remainder of the memory was (after say 30 minutes) ALWAYS marked as "Stand By" memory. After adding 4 GB, I watched my laptop (with 8 GB of memory) for a while to see how Windows & CM would behave. I gave IE9 more space (CM now curtails a IE9 process only when it goes above 100 MB). File cache is cleaned only when > 80 MB. Every 30 minutes CM cleans the entire memory e
  22. For those who frequently use screen savers (I rarely use them) and like beautiful pictures on their screen. There's also (music) software available for iPhone & iPod. http://www.zendogsoftware.com I like the program "Zen Chimes Classic" very much. I like how the program "fiddles". http://www.zendogsof.../About_beta.asp
  23. New version (v1.5.0) of the "Svchost.exe" look up tool released. (www.tweaking.com)
  24. New program out at www.Tweaking.com: Registry Compressor IMO, a good succesor to NTREGOPT. http://www.tweaking....compressor.html Windows Repair has advanced to Version v1.9.12. In order to function properly, WR needs to (temporarily) change the state of a number of Window Services. Now at the exit of WR, the user can put those Services back to the user's favourite state. E.g. with: "SC config ....... start= ......" http://www.tweaking.com/ Post your comments on the Tweaking.com forum and NOT here.
  25. There's a program called "Windows Repair" (www.tweaking.com) that can help you to solve this WMI problem. Run the program and make sure that you - at least - tick the box "Repair WMI". It will reset WMI.
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