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  1. Harry J

    is this bad?

    i guess is time to save all the info in that partition --edit well i cant backup or copy data now, it takes 10 hrs to move a single 200mb folder... and then it ends the tranfer. i got a question, if i put this HD as a slave i may be able to copy the data on a new HD?
  2. Harry J

    is this bad?

    hi. I checked the hard drive status using speccy from piriform too and it shows green values, is ok right? also i did another performance test and boom... down again, im going to run ChkDsk then back to DF the remaining %
  3. Harry J

    is this bad?

    hi guys. the process was taking too much time, so i started to defrag the heavily fragmented files one by one and is showing results
  4. Harry J

    is this bad?

    ok thank you. i'm currently defragmenting the disk... it seems is going to take a while. ill report back the performance results. again, thanks for your help.
  5. Harry J

    is this bad?

    hi everyone i was doing the benchmark on my partitioned hard drive and it shows this Hd : ata toshiba dt01aca1 scsi i use that (black) partition for games and recently i noticed a loooong time on loading screens... can be fixed?? thx
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