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  1. aw, ok thanks mta! I'm not too good with the technical details of this stuff, and I guess my OCD got the best of me on this one trying to get to 0%! lol It's just that it's my brand new computer and I was trying to keep everything perfect on it! lol.. thanks for your time to clear this up for me!
  2. Thanks Augeas! that's basically what I was getting at is if this is something I should be concerned about or just let it go. It does seem a little weird to me tho that one of my drives has 0% Frag and my C drive has 12% Frag with 14 or sometimes more GBs Frag and people are telling me don't worry about? What's the point of Defraggling then if it does no good and the frag just returns after my next boot? Well I'm just going to forget about any more DFing then and just let Windows handle it. Thank you..
  3. MTA, Ok I did what you said and ran another analysis and this time came up with only 2.2 GB frag, then ran another full defrag and that knocked it down to 1.3 GB fragmented files! I guess my question is, is this ok and normal for a brand new computer to have that much fragmentation? Is this nothing to worry about, or do I have some kind of a problem? (Like I mentioned, my external backupHD shows all blue blocks and 0% frag. that's what I was shooting for on my C drive) thanks again for your advice..
  4. I'm starting to think I'll just stick with the Windows defraggle version (1%) and delete the "Defraggler",(12%) and all my problems will be solved.. ?? ... ???
  5. yes windows defrag is set to work automatically. It's showing 1% defrag while defraggler is showing 12% with 8.8GBs fragmented files. I'm really confused, this is a brand new computer!
  6. Ok I just did a windows defragment analysis, and it's showing 1% DF on my my C drive, yet the defraggler shows 12%. This is getting very confusing..
  7. Ok well my hard drive is about 1 week old, I just barely bought this computer new 1 week ago. But I transferred all my files from my old computer. It's a Dell Inspiron with Windows 10. After complete defrag it's showing in analysis 11 fragmented files (8.8 GB), 366 total fragments with 12% fragmentation. It also says "disk Health GOOD." A couple of the blocks are pink with thousands of files in them. The reason I'm concerned is on my external backup hard drive I did an analysis and it showed all blue blocks with 0% defragmentation. Like I mentioned, I'm a novice at this but it's got me a little worried cuz it's a brand new computer and my C drive has got a lot of pink blocks and showing 8.8 GBs of fragmented files. Is this something I should be concerned about? I still haven't done your suggestion of stopping VSS yet, I guess I'd just like a reply to this question first before I do any advanced settings.. Thanks for your reply and any further advice!
  8. I just looked at some of the names of files, there's a huge variety. A lot of them are my music and picture files, app data, system files, etc. Like right now it's saying there are well over 60,000 files in the list, and it also says there's 8.9 GB of fragmented files in the analysis results with 12% fragmentation (after a full defrag). This just seems like a lot to me. But like I say I'm just a novice to this kind of stuff. Are you saying then this is fairly normal to have and it's nothing to worry about?
  9. I am somewhat a novice at this, so bear with me.. After several attempts to completely defrag my files, there is always one (or sometimes more) blocks left that remains severely fragmented. I click on the individual block to display files and it shows literally thousands of files in this one block still fragmented. So I click on the box that selects all files, then click "defragment" the individual files. The defragmenting starts and runs for about 6 hours til it gets to around 70% complete, then it always stops and says something like process aborted. Can not be completed. I've tried this several times with the same results. Is there any way I can get these last blocks defragmented? It also says like 5, 6, sometimes 7 Gb remain fragmented. I'd really like to get my whole drive defragmented once and for all. Anyone have any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  10. For the past few months whenever I run CCleaner it always says I must close Google Chrome before I can proceed, but I don't even have it open. Then it says something like would I like CCleaner to close it, so I click yes then it always says it's taking too long, do I want to "force close" it so I say yes then it finally works ok. But why does it keep saying it's open? I've already checked my Chrome settings to make sure the background apps are not running..
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