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  1. - That article points to this webpage with info on the .NET software. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2016/08/15/introducing-the-net-framework-monthly-rollup/
  2. - When DF is using A LOT OF CPU then it's "unwilling" to close itself. Then one can click on the "X" in the top right hand of the DF GUI and then that GUI disappears. But Task Manager tells me that DF is still running with high CPU. I then usually manually close that process using that same Task Manager.
  3. - New version of "Tweaking's Windows Repair All in One" (WR) available. This time it's version WR v3.97. It now also is able to "repair" (= repair & clean) the recycle bin. It turns out that one needs to "tweak"/reset the permissions of the recycle bin to get that done. - "Tweaking's Registry Backup" has advanced to version v3.50. Source: www.Tweaking.com Bug reports and other feedback are - as always - welcome and are to be posted on the "Tweaking.com" website/forum. (I know that in the past some Ccleaner users had some problems with deleting the content of the recycle bin. P
  4. - More bad news for DF v2.21. My pagefile was in 3 fragments. DF recognized that the pagefile was fragmented. Because upon start up DF wanted to defrag the pagefile. But after say 10 to 15 seconds DF apparently decided it was unable to do so. DF moved on to defrag other system files. And that was in spite of having enough contiguous free disk space for a defragmented pagefile of 8 GB in size. - I had to use a program called ............. to get that pagefile defragmented. It took ........................ several minutes to get the job done but after that the pagefile was defragmented.
  5. - Here's another thing I don't like in DF. Regularly DF uses LARGE amount of CPU. Especially when it must move files towards the end of the drive. - But what's REALLY "annoying" is what happens when I have moved A LOT OF files (for the time being I only have seen this when these files were moved towards the end of the drive) and close the program. Then it regularly happens that DF fails to close itself and keeps running for another say 60 to 90 seconds with very high CPU (Task Manager says it's at about 25%). I also can hear that because then the cooling fan is "working overtime".
  6. - Used another program ( ....................... ) in an attempt to defrag the pagefile but it only increased the defragmentation (from 4 to 12 fragments). But surprisingly, after using that program, now DF recognizes the pagefile again and it was able to reduce fragmentation to (only) four fragments.
  7. - No, I didn't exclude anything. Can DF be set to ignore the pagefile ? - BTW, I prefer DF over .............. because DF has more options to "move files around". (Although it still can be improved)
  8. - Auslogic Defrag was able to pull up the location of the fragmented pagefile (See picture, in highlighted black) and told me that it had four fragments. But DF wasn't even able to detect that the pagefile was fragmented. Perhaps DF is too critical when it comes to the pagefile and then decides it isn't there ? "Rogue" registry setting ?
  9. - I made a picture of the situation on my HD. See attachment. I moved A LOT OF "spacehogs" to the end of the drive. Would such a "crowded" HD impede Windows to create a pagefile ? - Did another search (with DF) to find the pagefile (also on the other drives) but to no avail.
  10. - When I set the pagefile to its default setting then DF still fails to show the pagefile in the drive map. - I also ran SPECCY & XYplorer (https://www.xyplorer.com/) and both programs reported that I had a pagefile of ~ 8 GB (16 GB virtual memory and 8 GB physical memory ==> pagefile of 8 GB). - I also noticed something else. Upon start up DF can defragment a number of system files. (I activated that option) The names of those files are listed for a brief moment when Windows starts. But now the list doesn't include "Pagefile.sys" (any more ??). That would suggest that DF fails to rec
  11. - The pagefile doesn't show up anymore in the drive map. No matter what I do. I fear this could be a bug that's hidden VERY deep in the program code.
  12. Oooops. WizTree has advanced to version V2.00. Same weblink as in the previous post.
  13. WizTree (v1.07 is the latest version) - Much faster than e.g. Treesize (Free) because "WizTree" searches the MFT to find the files. - WizTree has an extra feature. After searching the HD the user can let the program pull up/show the 1000 largest files on the HD. WizTree has a tab for that. And that includes (a number of) system files as well. Like "$MFT", "Pagefile.sys" and "Hiberfil.sys". Weblink: http://antibody-software.com/web/software/software/wiztree-finds-the-files-and-folders-using-the-most-disk-space-on-your-hard-drive/
  14. Bug (????) in DF v2.21. Topic: "Missing" pagefile. - I recently realized that when I run DF then the pagefile doesn't show up anymore in the drive map of DF. I changed the color of the pagefile blocks from yellow(-ish) to black and (after that) to other colors as well. But it was to no avail. The pagefile fails to show up. - I even let DF search for the file called "Pagefile.sys" but no success there either. DF e.g. did find "Hiberfil.sys". - I ran 2 other programs (Everything & Wiztree) and both DID find "pagefile.sys". Both programs told me that the pagefile ("pagefile.sys") was ~
  15. - DF (v2.21) still has a problem with (not) showing the System Restore Points (SRPs). I told DF that I didn't want to see those SRPs in the file map but after a re-analyzing the drive those SRPs still showed up. I had to restart DF to make those changes (in-)visible in the file map. - The option that allows the user to choose whether or not SRPs and/or Hiberfil.sys should show up in the file map, should be using different words. I consider the wording of that option to be confusing. And perhaps the entire setup of that option should be changed & improved. - I fear the developers of Pi
  16. Bug in Defraggler ??? I was fiddling with the size of the pagefile and then something horrible happened. I told Windows that I wanted no pagefile. Had to restart my system and then Defraggler tried to defrag a number of systemfiles upon start up (before the bulk of the Windows software was loaded). At that point DF got stuck when it tried to defrag the pagefile. No matter what I tried, each time I restarted my system got stuck somewhere in the very early stages of the start procedure of Windows. I am not sure whether or not I should put the blame on DF. It could be a combination of som
  17. - Found one other annoying thing in DF that hasn't been solved. When I reduce the size of the DF GUI then the GUI is reduced (somewhat). The drive list is reduced to 2 drives (DF recognizes all 5 drives on my laptop) and the drive map is reduce to one line/row of blocks. And at the same time the visible part of the list with fragmented files has been vastly enlarged. - At the same time - as reported in the previous post - some part of the DF GUI became invisible because the DF GUI moved to the left and the left hand part corner of the DF GUI is covered by the Task Bar (which on the left hand
  18. - Found another thing that can/must be improved. When I have maximized the GUI and then want to reduce the size of the GUI, part of the left hand side of the DF windows moves behind/is hidden behind the Task Bar (on the left hand side of my screen). I have seen this behaviour with other programs as well. (e.g. when I maximize the window for CMD.exe in Windows 7).
  19. Another thing that could be improved: When DF is busy moving files around then the map shows which block is being moved and from where to where. These blocks then show up in a different colour. I think both the "read block" & "write block" should always be displayed in a highlighted colour. It would it easier to spot where a block is being moved to. (Currently, my "read" block is displayed in yellow and the "write" block in green).
  20. I found three (3) new bugs. DF is able to move selected files towards the end of the drive. When DF has produced a list of files (both defragmented & unfragmented) then the user can "right-click". Then a menu shows up that includes two options to move "highlighted" or "checked" file(s) (from the file list) to the end of the drive. But these 2 "move towards the end of the drive" options have 2 bugs. Bug #1: - Sometimes/regularly DF fails to move ALL selected files towards the end of the drive. (or - at least - that's what it looks like when I watch the drive map). Then some files s
  21. New versions of 3 Tweaking.com programs released: - Windows Repair All In one v3.85 - Registry Back Up v3.41 (On systems with a "slow" graphics card/slow graphics the program continues to crash when run manually. Needs to improved ASAP, IMO). - Technicians Toolbox v1.20 (How many people are using this tool regularly ??) Source: www.Tweaking.com See also: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/download/portable-applications/technicians-toolbox-portable-110-3330301/
  22. The situation with CC v5.16 is actually different than reported in the previous reply. According to CC v5.16 I have 3 video files that all start with "Larry Parks ............. " but have different sizes. One is ~ 205 MB in size and the 2 others are only 0.01 Kb in size. But when I run EVERYTHING (2nd picture) the message is different. EVERYTHING reports that each of the 3 files ("Larry Parks .............. ") is 205 MB in size. See the pictures in the attachment for more details. And this bug also makes CC v5.16 to mis-calculate the amount of diskspace that's occupied by (in this case
  23. I found 2 bugs in CC v5.16: - Go to the "Disk Analyzer" and select - at least - 3 sorts of files and hit "Analyze". Bug #1: - Now select/highlight the 2nd row (from the top) and use the "down" key (or the computer mouse) to highlight all the other lines (3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.) that are being displayed in the list under that 2nd line. - The user will notice that when the "highlighted" line reached the 2 lines (that are marked with a red Arrow in the picture) the highlighting disappears. The user needs to press the "Down" key once more to make the highlighted line appear again. Bug #
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