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  1. New "Windows Repair" version (v1.9.8) available. It now allows the user to set the Services to his/her favourite state. (Hazelnut ?). www.tweaking.com
  2. New version of "Windows Repair" (v1.9.7) released. www.tweaking.com
  3. One Svchost.exe process can control one or more services. Task Manager shows the memory usage for one process, not for each service. Perhaps the memory usage for each service can be pulled up as well. I don't know. Post your question on the Tweaking.com forum. http://www.tweaking....orums/index.php
  4. New version of the Svchost Look up tool available (v1.1.0). A Svchost.exe process can control e.g. 4 (running) services. Then these 4 services have the same PID but have a different (Svchost.exe) start switch and different names. This tool combines the info from two Task Manager tabs called "Processes" and "Services". (Win 7). http://www.tweaking....ookup_tool.html And we're working on an improved version of Windows Repair.
  5. I am "kinda anal" ???? OMG. Glad to know this "path" bug is going to be fixed .
  6. WARNING for users of Windows Repair (v1.9.6) (from www.Tweaking.com): the program contains a bug that can lead to repairs failing and unpredictable repair results. The bug is NOT "hiding" in one of the repairs itself but in the GUI. The program still can be used but the user has to keep two things in mind: 1. Don't use/try the "Beta Repairs" !!! 2. When the user has left the main repair window and wants to go back to that window to do some more repairs then the user MUST restart the program. Otherwise a number of repairs won't be executed or/and repairs will fail. I DO hope this bug get
  7. New program out at www.tweaking.com: http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/tweaking_com_svchost_exe_lookup_tool.html It gives the user more info on that mysterious process called "Svchost.exe".
  8. Yes, but that light is located on the side of my laptop and therefore it isn't visible when I use my computer.
  9. DiskLED Nice little tool that monitors harddisk activity. And when the computer accesses the harddisk then the DiskLed system tray icon lights up. When my laptop (Win 7) goes through the start up procedure (e.g. MS Security Essentials) then for the first 1 or 2 (3 ??) minutes this system tray icon constantly lights up revealing constant disk access/heavy disk usage. When the icon no longer constantly is lit then I know that my computer is completely at my disposal and will start to respond (almost) instantly to mouseclicks. http://helgeklein.com/ http://helgeklein.com/free-tools/
  10. Windows Repair v1.9.5. released. www.tweaking.com In previous versions, under "Set Services to Default" three services were overlooked.
  11. I have a number of questions for the readers of this thread: - How often did you hear about problems with Adobe's Flash and Shockwave ? - How many times were those problems solved by simply re-registering the appropriate files ? If Adobe's Shockwave is still heavily used then it would make sense to add a special "repair job" in a program called "Windows Repair".
  12. New version of "Repair Windows" (v1.9.4) available. A preliminary view suggests that it tackles/repairs a number of Windows problems (much) better than the previous version(s). Beta Testers needed for the improved "Repair System Restore" feature. This new feature is - for the time being (???) - not available for Win XP. http://www.tweaking.com/ Post your comments here: http://www.tweaking....opic,706.0.html
  13. And post your suggestions/comments/experiences in this thread: http://www.tweaking....opic,706.0.html
  14. There's a new version out of "Windows Repair". The newest addition is the repair of "System Restore". And Shane needs Beta testers for this new feature. http://www.tweaking.com/
  15. I use Deskscan 1.38 (versions 2 suck) to make snapshots of the computerscreen. A small and neat little program. It allows the user to capture the entire screen or a user defined part of the screen. It saves the picture to one's computer harddisk.
  16. @Nwpsys: You're not the only one with this problem. http://www.tweaking....php?topic=638.0 Try a program called "Windows Repair" (www.tweaking.com) and make sure you - at least - tick "Repair WMI". The program can solve A LOT OF (not all) window problems. I don't know whether this program ("Windows Repair") is able to restart the WMI service. "Window Repair" is a first step to a more stable computer system. Perhaps the Piriform moderators can create a FAQ section/thread here on the forum ? Where an answer can be provided for a number of recurring errors in Speccy ? And their soluti
  17. For those who have downloaded the latest version of "Windows Repair" (v1.92) in the last days: It contained a small bug. This bug has been fixed and therefore you need to download the program again. http://www.tweaking....opic,643.0.html
  18. Shane needs your help for a new program. http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/remote_desktop_ip_monitor_blocker.html (No Facebook link, but a link from the website Tweaking.com) Post your comments on the Tweaking.com website forums and not here.
  19. Shane needs your help for a new program. http://www.facebook.com/tweakingdotcom
  20. Tried to make CM respond faster when I press the hotkey key combination. I installed a virtual ramdisk (thanks to the program RAMDISK), installed the CM software in that RAM-disk. Since the software is in the memory upon startup I thought it would speed up CM but to no avail. Anyone else any thoughts to speed up the response of CM ? Is my virus scanner to blame for this delay ? @Superfast: Ccleaner indeed can take care of deleting the "layout.ini"file. Should have thought of it before. But windows uses "recent folders" to add folders & files to "layout.ini". So, one should clean "recen
  21. Cleanmem v2.4.3 is out. Check it out !!!
  22. Since I didn't get any response to the question above, it seems I am the only one with this "problem". The solution is actually simple. Add the name of the process that won't stop automatically to CM's Advanced Monitor with a memory limit of 0 (zero) MB, order the AM to kill the process and the AM WILL kill this process. Guaranteed. Came across this interesting article (thanks GOOGLE): http://www.zdnet.com...o-measure/1786e Win 7 memory usage on my laptop is very interesting. The CM system tray icon show the amount of used memory (by hardware & programs/processes). When CM is kicked
  23. A question for other CM users: when I switch multiple times between "All users" and "Current user" in the "General" tab (Mini monitor settings) then I can end up with multiple instances of the program "mini_monitor_set_startup.exe *32" running (Task Manager). See attachment. Does this happen on other compters as well ? I use Win 7 64 bits, SP 1.
  24. I fear that's impossible. However the PRO version offers you something slightly different. Perhaps it's useful for you. Buy a CM license for the PRO version for $5, then you'll be able to use the Advanced Monitor (AM). Using the AM you can let CM perform a "clean up" every 5, 10 or 15 (or any other user defined amount of) minutes WHEN (and this is important) the memory usage of one or more user defined process exceeds a user defined memory limit. I use the AM to curtail IE9 in its memory usage when an IE9 process uses more than 100 Mb, and the AM performs that check every 10 minutes. By se
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