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  1. "Minefield" is the code name for the nightly "Trunk" builds, where Firefox 3 development is taking place. I'm on one now, build ID: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9b3pre) Gecko/2008012504 Minefield/3.0b3pre ID:2008012504 The file structure is not the same as Firefox 2 - instead of history.dat and bookmarks.html, bookmarks and history are now in one file called places.sqlite. No doubt this poses a challenge for CCleaner development. However, since Firefox 3 was supposed to be released by now I would hope that CCleaner is ready to support it when it's released.
  2. I'd say there's a definite need for a program with that functionality and a simple GUI - most users are justifiably scared to edit the registry, and nearly as intimidated by command line operations. This is a great idea.
  3. What a shock! I don't stop by for a while, the place goes all Piriform. Seriously, I was wondering how long it was going to continue to be called the CCleaner forum, since it was no longer just for the one program. Well, now I know. I like the new look, very sharp. Way to go!
  4. It's not officially released, but it's a pretty good bet that is the build that will be released. 10:00 AM today is the planned official release.
  5. I run CCleaner - both scans - after every browsing session, it's never caused problems like that. Running it often shouldn't hurt anything.
  6. A few KB here and there can eventually add up to a lot. If your Registry becomes clogged with a lot of invalid entries, it can significantly slow down your system; if it gets bad enough it can produce system instability and frequent crashes. While you don't necessarily need to clean your Registry often, eventually it will need to be cleaned. Myself, I prefer to just keep it cleaned as I go along. Installing ERUNT is a good idea, I've done so myself as an extra measure of safety.
  7. It's index.dat files that are marked for deletion on startup, temp internet files are deleted outright - and if secure file deletion is enabled, they should be overwritten. @ keystagegolf - CCleaner doesn't clean for anyone but the current user. Don't think you need admin privileges, but I could be wrong.
  8. CCleaner will optionally overwrite file up to 7 times. Look under CCleaner Options > Settings to configure it.
  9. EasyCleaner does that: http://personal.inet.fi/business/toniarts/...ne.htm#download It displays the selected files and lets you choose which to delete. Still, I would be very cautious about adding file types to the normal set.
  10. Greenknight


    The problem with Fasterfox is that it prefetches all the links on each page, if you visit a page with many links on it this can cause the page to load very slowly.
  11. EasyCleaner's "Unnecessary Files" scan works very much like that; many of those file extensions are pre-configured, with the option to add others.
  12. I think what the OP is trying to say is that there's a long list of cookies in there, so it's a big hunt to find the right one; wants a way to just tell CCleaner "keep cookies from this site" while browsing. I doubt that's ever going to happen, it would complicate CCleaner too much. My suggestion is to run CCleaner more often.
  13. The solution for 1. is uncheck Temporary Internet Files. Dunno about 2.
  14. Firefox 2 has built-in session restore, so you don't even need Session Manager. Crashes are still annoying. Haven't had any with the nightly builds in a long time, though. rridgely, 2.0rc1 is supposed to come out next Tuesday.
  15. 18 extensions is not a lot, really. Especially if they're small, lightweight extensions, which most of those TonyKlein listed are. My most important extension is Bookmark Backup. Despite the name, it can back up all your Firefox profile data automatically - and you really need to back that stuff up, data loss from the profile is not that rare. Here's my complete list (inserted with the Nightly Tester Tools extension): AllowClipboard Helper 0.5.3 BBCode Bookmark Backup 0.4.2a2 ChatZilla 0.9.75 FlashGot IE View Lite 1.2.1 Make Link 2.0.3 Nightly Tester Tools 1.1 QuickNote ScrapBook Talkback 2.0b2 WebmailCompose 0.6.6 I'm too lazy to describe them all. A couple I got because I run test builds - Nightly Tester Tools can force extensions to work with Firefox builds they weren't programmed for, among other handy features; ChatZilla is an IRC client I got so I could go on the Mozilla Testday channel. The current release of Bookmark Backup is 0.4.1, I'm testing an alpha of the next update. Talkback is installed along with Firefox, either randomly or you can chose to install it if you do a custom install of Firefox; it sends a report if the browser crashes. It says it's 2.0b2 because that's the Firefox version I'm running (it's a nightly build, the official release of 2.0b2 won't be for a week or so).
  16. I have Bitdefender 8 Free Edition as a backup scanner (behind AVG). Same scanning engine as other Bitdefender products, without realtime protection: http://www.bitdefender.com/PRODUCT-14-en--...ee-Edition.html
  17. That story isn't the whole story. While the malware installs itself in Firefox, it doesn't get there via a security hole in the browser. It's installed by a Trojan that comes in an attachment to an email. It's rated as a low risk, because it's easy to prevent, easy to detect, and easy to remove. Malicious extensions are a real threat, though. More needs to be done to make it clear to users that extensions, once installed, have the power to do almost anything. You should never install extensions from any source that isn't absolutely known to be safe. The average user should stick to the official Mozilla Add-ons site.
  18. I have HD Cleaner, it seems to have no limit to the number of times it overwrites. I've never used it for that, though.
  19. You're welcome, glad you think so. To me, the logic of that feature seems to be flawed. I mean, Firefox has tabs! If you need to be navigating back and forth between a number of different pages, just open them all in tabs. It was based on a study by Google of how the average Internet user navigates, but of course, the average user is using IE!
  20. I don't know about "several minutes", for me it might take a minute or 2, but I've tweaked Firefox a little to keep the memory usage down. My mem usage (look in the Task Manager > Processes tab) usually runs 40,000 to 60,000 k, the highest it gets is a little over 100,000. If yours is getting upwards of 200,000 k, you could have a memory leak, usually caused by extensions. It's not exactly a bug, but a consequence of the fast forward-and-back navigation feature that was introduced in v. 1.5. This keeps recently-visited pages in active memory, the number varies according to how much RAM you have. I reduced mine to 2, where by default it would have been 5. You can read how to do that and other tweaks, and track down memory leaks, here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Reducing_memory_...e_%28Firefox%29 Don't trust tweaks you see on other sites, many of them are bogus, some can cause you real problems.
  21. It's a minor update, but it patches some critical security holes, so it's important! Every time there's a new Firefox version, download sites start listing it prematurely. Always check an official Mozilla download page, like: http://getfirefox.com/ Or, if you have Firefox installed, click Help > Check for Updates. If an update has been released, you'll get it.
  22. I notice you have both Mcaffee and AntiVir; you should never have more than one virus shield running at the same time! This may have crippled your antivirus protection! Uninstall one of them immediately (AntiVir, I'd think, since it's the free one). Then you should boot into safe mode, and run your remaining antivirus and spyware scans. Let us know what you find.
  23. Basically, it's a very minor matter either way. The author of that site just likes to stir up controversy to generate more hits on the site. He wastes everybody's time with this garbage, best to ignore him.
  24. You're welcome. CCleaner has had Firefox cookie management and cleaning since v1.18.099. Not sure exactly when that was, but it's been a long time.
  25. Open CCleaner and click the "Applications" tab, the Firefox options are right at the top.
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