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  1. haha, I'm thinking of getting rid of a lot of those programs. I only use like 3. Well I'll get started on that. Well I scanned my computer in safemode. Nothing to report about. I decided I would search for what was taking up the space. Very nice feature, the search program is. I just put in a search in my c:drive for everything over 500,000 kb. Came up with 4 files. They were all file type .ses. One of them was just a normal 24 kb, two were around 2,000,000 kb, and another way over 10,000,000 kb. I deleted all 4 of them and my computer has gone from 7% free space to 30%. Which isn't
  2. Thanks. It's good to be here I think, except the only reason I'm here is for a problem, haha. Yeah I'm running windows xp. 512 Ram 55 Gb harddrive If your asking what's on my C:drive that filled up my harddrive I honestly havne't checked. I was defraging my computer and it said I only have like 7% space left. So that just freaked me out and sent me here. All anti-virus is up to date. Ad-aware, Mcaffee, Spybot, AntiVir, EWido. hahaha, I have lots. I need to start getting rid of them.
  3. I'm very sorry if you have responded to topics like these before, but I skimmed through the bugreporting forum and used the search bar and came up with no results. So my problem is that after using the program I believe that it filled up all of my empty harddrive with some kinda of files or something. My point is that it filled up my empty harddrive. I'm pretty sure that it's ccleaner that did it, but I could be wrong. I haven't made any changes to my comptuer besides downloading and using ccleaner. So it leaves me to believe that's what's filled up my harddrive. I'm guessing it's some kind of
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