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  1. Why exactly Vista sucks? Because of the new graphics API? Perhaps you don't like kernel patch protection, mandatory integrity control or address space layout randomization? Vista introduced the biggest revamp the NT-platform has ever seen. It's undisputable that Vista is more secure platform than XP. Of course increased system requirements are the tradeoff of all this. But historically one driving force for OSDev has been the need to utilize the ever-increasing hardware resources.
  2. I'd add Secunia Personal Software Inspector to that list. If it can be categorized as security software. In any way a useful tool to monitor your sotware for the latest updates. Checks for Windows & Office updates as well. https://psi.secunia.com/
  3. Ok. I was just wondering as Minefield uses the same folder structure as Firefox (meaning that %USER\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ etc).
  4. leeko


    http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhan...istaMizer.shtml VistaMizer makes XP look like Vista (with Aero). It also comes with some Vista mimicing functionality (Vista sidebar, window transparency etc). http://www.public.sytes.net/hoefs/windows/vistamizer.php#pix Screenshots
  5. Is CCleaner not compatible with Minefield? I use the latest nightly builds and CCleaner doesn't clean browser history/cache. And yes, I have Firefox/Mozilla ticked in the CCleaner options.
  6. Nettalk (http://www.ntalk.de/Nettalk/en/). It's light, rich on features (OSD messages among other things) and freeware. GUI is somewhat similar to mIRC.
  7. leeko


    Looks pretty decent but takes twice the memory of Stickynotes. I really like the opacity setting of Hott notes. But then it lacks "stick notes to screen edges and each other" option, which I also find very important. Edit: Ok, the Stickynotes also has transparency in the settings. Just didn't notice that before
  8. leeko


    Stickynotes http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/tbone/stickynotes.html - It's a bit old (2004) but still the best stickynotes program I'v tried - very light, nice interface and freeware. Of all the calendar software I've tried Chaos Manager is the winner. Free of charge, light and it looks good!
  9. I personally don't know about that as I've always had WMP11 installed, although I never use it. GOM Player ftw!
  10. I installed the RC1 when it first came out using the "hack" (http://dailyapps.net/2007/11/hack-attack-get-windows-xp-sp3-through-windows-update/). I've had no problems but I'd like to know whether I need to uninstall RC1 when the official release comes out? Or do I get the possibly modified packets through Windows Update? I don't actually believe that the final release is going to be any/much different from RC1. With a release like this they just go through loooong testing phase.
  11. leeko


    Anybody tried Sweepi? http://www.yooapps.ch/?c=produkte/sweepi5&l=E Seems like a very decent cleaner.
  12. I have no problem running them both simultaneously. Windows Defender takes ~20-30 mb of mem, Client Security somewhat more as it includes firewall, virus scanner etc... I was only wondering if running Windows Defender with Client Security is actually going to benefit. If Client Security detects all the same threats as WD then there's obviously no point in running them both.
  13. I use F-Secure Client Security 7.10. But I'd like to hear your opinion on whether it's of any use running Windows Defender or not. Is Client Security superior in every way to Windows Defender? So running them both is just waste of resources?
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