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  1. just got the new one try it one time so now? not work to good said not did the free space. may be I go back. ver 5.86 I take it off wipe one note pad & lockup PC next PC not Boot 4 hours to fix, I dont need it nill for the FBI to see. all I need is CCleaner
  2. Windows 95 max is 2GB or if drive is 3GB make in to 2 like 1.5 & 1.5 is ok not read hard drive it is all the Bios may need up date for free tools and info http:www.sec.co.kr http://samsunghdd.com http://wwwsegate/supprt/kb/disk/capacity/index.html http://hddguru.com www.ultimakbootcd.com http://dban.org 'dban boot & Nuke & XP sp1 max is 137 GB so fit sp2. & I said it all free & all good. My 2 Harddrive size is as C:\15GB NTFS D:\ 2.7 GB FAT 32 E:\6.19 GB NTFS F:\4.72 GB FAT32 G:\8.51FAT 32 H:\ DVD/CD ROM I & J = 1.9 GB FAT 16 K 8.11 GB FAT32 the FAT 16 IS FOR Page
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