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  1. nice desktops images. i was wandering. where do you people get these cool looking themes? i have found some but they all cost money. please, someone give me a link to some free ones?
  2. SEK800i


    lol. this is a great site for those who cant decide which search engine to use. i never use yahoo. i always use google. i would want a boring search engine such as yahoo to take up room for the awsome engine, google.
  3. lol. the 17 dead people in the morgue and the last one is the best. here are some,
  4. GBs are cheap now. now we're buying 1GB at about AU$0.76. no need to fret over 15GB.
  5. whats the difference between an official release and a release from filehippo?
  6. SEK800i

    Opera 9.1

    yes, ive tried that but for reasons i cant explain, it still doesnt detect that the browser has java.
  7. yep, its released. you can download it here, http://www.filehippo.com/download_firefox/
  8. SEK800i

    Opera 9.1

    im still using Opera 8.0. Opera 9 doesnt automatically have java built in.
  9. its boiling here. not to mention the bushfires are so close. closer than its ever been before. may need to evacuate. probably the only christmas present we'll get is to hope nobody gets hurt.
  10. it doesnt explain much. i have my doubts if such thing is true.
  11. 1kilo? think it would be more correct when its 1TB for 1kilo.
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