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  1. I see no version of cc is able to clean emule history I am using cc in vista ultimate 64 bits and after run it,i still see the name of the files in emule bar Using emule last and cc last Could the developer fix please?
  2. HI I am using win vista ultimate 32 bits Since CC 209 ,i have noticed,CC are unable to clean emule search bar This is not a issue in my comp. Its a new comp,and when i used CC209 I was using my old comp and obviouslly this problem persist in cc 2.10 I have the 2 emule options checked in cc So ,please,verify and fix it thanks
  3. Thanks again Please note, i have erased ALL defender refferences,this means i cant see any refference of the program in the control panel,security center or any other location of the comp I know this is a very smal issue,but i would like to understand why cc still find defender Also,please note,defender already cant be found under "services"(i got a message saying the service does not exist anymore or something like this) I have also tried to reinstall defender via setup file, and so i get a message saying something like"You cant istall the program because its part of vista already" Any solution:? Thanks
  4. Hi and thanks for all the answers As i said,I have completely uninstalled it and all the visible references since it conflicts with other antispy ware i use Since I cant see an uninstaller(as the program is integrated to vista) i delete the folder of the program and any other reference visible as i said Also,i have cleaned the registri But the program still apear in cc main window as app to be cleanes No way to solve this? Thanks
  5. Hi and thanks for the reply I have already tried registri cleaners but the program still apear in cc windows More adivices,ideas?
  6. Hi I am now using ultimate 32 bits which have Integrated Windows Defender I have COMPLETELLY removed It as this program causes conflicts with other antispy ware program i have But the CC aplication window still show the program for clean Any way to remove this uninstalled app notification from cc aplications window? thanks for any adivice
  7. This problem persist in 207 could someone tell me if the next versions of cc WIL NOT clean the office recent files list? i have talked with a friend of mine and the lists are not cleaned in his comp too this is an absurd and unnaceptable the last version which work properly to me is 205 if this problem persist i cant update thw versions anymore Absurd
  8. Hi and thanks for the reply Yes it happens with ALL the office(word ,PowerPoint etc) The version 205 cleans all this list properly but NO way to do it with 206 And again the same feature WAS REMOVED in the past version 1.19 I NEED this feature on ALL CC versions. i CANNOT agree with this . Thank you
  9. Thank you ,sorry but i am unablle to check this.This problem hapens only with me? any advise please
  10. At this point i just dont know yet if that is a bug or a intentional remove of features Any advice will be realy appreciated Thank you
  11. In my case,not delete cookies,history,nothing at al(ff3b4)
  12. Hey could someone advise me this "problem" with office is a bug or a intentional remove of feature? Just in case .if my second sentence is correct i will be very disaponted and cannot update cc anymore unfortunatelly Thank you
  13. Hi I have the error on recent past Try restore your system to a point before the problem happens and so reustall cc I think this is the oly solution we have Hope this helps
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