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Firefox's new browser series (22 and 23) a security issue?

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Having once been a victim of C.C. number theft, I cautiously use both a hardware and software firewall system, along with appropriate anti-virus, and anti malware precautions.

CCleaner is one of the primary components of my security. I use CCleaner to clean my browser cache, etc, after every session, in order to ensure that no remnants of financial transactions and/or information remain on the PC. I also run CCleaner on every startup and shutdown, it has always been easy, simple, and very quick, until now.

Like many users have posted across the web, I have noticed CCleaner 4.04.4197 now takes an inordinate amount of time to clean the cache in Firefox v 22. At first I blamed Ccleaner, and have been impatiently awaiting the next version.

However, upon reading posts in other forums, I have learned that the cache structures of Firefox v 22 and other browsers, have been altered radically. The cache structures have been divided into multiple file trees. The technicalities of why and how the structures of cache space are changed is beyond me, and frankly confuses and obscures my issue of internet security.

Briefly, the changes may be related to DRM issues coming from Google, Adobe, and other platforms involved in delivering pictorial and video content. Again, not my issue.

The new cache structure seems to be caching a huge amount of data, and the cache itself is no longer easy to browse/inspect to make sure that is truly empty. To make matters worse Firefox 23 will apparently have Javascript, and Flash active by default every time the browser is started.

CCleaner is faithfully doing it's job, albeit very slowly. Cleanings of a brief session of banking are taking up to 20 minutes to complete, and ccleaner is reporting cache sizes of up to 80 megabytes in situations that used to be less than 1 or 2 megabytes.

I did a test yesterday. Re-started my PC. Opened up one text base webpage, and one blank page,in Firefox. Closed Firefox. Ran CCleaner , Ccleaner took 6 minutes to complete, and reported cleaning over 5 megabytes of data !

Nothing else about my PC is slow

I feel I need to change browsers now.

I think this is important to all users of the web, and leaves us open to Java and Flash exploits which could be very costly.



Windows 7 32bit

Win experience number 7.2

3.6G quad core cpu.

4G memory.

Nvidia GTX 650 2Gbb

1T 7200 rpm WD black

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Welcome to the forum.


I recommend Palemoon



It is based on the same engine as Firefox, and most Firefox extensions are compatible.

It is far safer then Firefox because it is not on erratic rabid release.

and the GUI is more stable - no surprises with each update.


Current version 20.3 has incorporated all the security fixes that are claimed for the latest released Firefox.


There is a portable version with reduced cache size.

You can try that without impacting your existing Firefox setup.


Perhaps you could use Portable Palemoon on a Flash Drive which is only plugged in for your financial transactions,

but I suspect Flash Cookies might be held on C:\???




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I use an add-on that offers to delete cache (and more) at exit. this will greatly reduce the amount of work ccleaner has to do.

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Allen, Nergal, Thanks for your prompt attention, and tips. :)

I have spent the last hour at the "Palemoon" site. I very much like what I am seeing and reading. Am going to try "Palemoon", it should work nicely with my hardware.

Well, yes, Windows really does pile all the temp and data files on C. Although I like to keep C for my windows installation only. I have never tried to install anything other than applications to to a different drive, except for moving the page-file.

Which add-on Nergal? and are you using it on v.22 ? Have you experienced these slow-downs?

I stil think v. 23's improvements are re-opening a security hole, especially on PCs, and in light of recent spying news.. But, it will take someone with much more knowledge and skill than me, to really identify it for the users of Firefox.

Well, have to go.

All the best! Cheers!

P.S. Eee by gum Allan, my old Dad was born and raised in Hollinwood.Oldham

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I wonder if CCleaner taking so long to clean the Firefox cache could be caused by many updates of Firefox which after awhile from my experience needs either a fresh install, or a brand new profile created which you can then import your bookmarks into.

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unsure its name right now am away from my p.c. But I believe it's https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/askforsanitize


I use Firefox once every 400 blue moons sooooo I not going to notice much of a slow down



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I use Firefox once every 400 blue moons sooooo I not going to notice much of a slow down


Newer builds should be faster/non-stalling/non-freezing on pages with allot of javascript, etc., especially on pages like Softpedia's user comments. That's one reason enough for anyone using an old version to finally update.

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Clearing the cache in Firefox 22, 23 and 24 generally takes less than a minute


Older versions of Firefox, particularly Firefox 4 through Firefox 22, 23 and 24 have practically matching processes for clearing the cache but satisfy try to keep the newest edition of Firefox installed if possible.

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