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  1. Allen, Nergal, Thanks for your prompt attention, and tips. I have spent the last hour at the "Palemoon" site. I very much like what I am seeing and reading. Am going to try "Palemoon", it should work nicely with my hardware. Well, yes, Windows really does pile all the temp and data files on C. Although I like to keep C for my windows installation only. I have never tried to install anything other than applications to to a different drive, except for moving the page-file. Which add-on Nergal? and are you using it on v.22 ? Have you experienced these slow-downs? I stil think v. 23's imp
  2. Having once been a victim of C.C. number theft, I cautiously use both a hardware and software firewall system, along with appropriate anti-virus, and anti malware precautions. CCleaner is one of the primary components of my security. I use CCleaner to clean my browser cache, etc, after every session, in order to ensure that no remnants of financial transactions and/or information remain on the PC. I also run CCleaner on every startup and shutdown, it has always been easy, simple, and very quick, until now. Like many users have posted across the web, I have noticed CCleaner 4.04.4197 now tak
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