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  1. I intend to remove it soon. Have known it to be a chatty software. It MAY? affect the OEM backup system, not sure, but Macrium has that covered anyway. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Yes indeed. Thanks to both for the heads up. Mypal browser is fast & functional on the old xp box, far superior to the last available Firefox. Runs great in sandboxie too. Can be set to automatically start in a sandbox if you wish.
  3. Merry Christmas and May God Bless.
  4. Great find, Hazelnut. Thanks for sharing.
  5. login123


    11 September.
  6. True, that xp file was on here before. I had not recognized that it was the same file for xp. So I carefully saved and installed it twice. No doubt that's why no restart was needed this time. That first link above was dated 17 jun 19, after that first post in May. That's my best excuse & I'm staying with it. Anyway, the files for the other OSs are different, might be of some use.
  7. This one is for to windows 2000 thru windows 7. The exploit is called "BlueKeep" , it exploits the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Info and download links here: https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/AA19-168A Download links for Win XP: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4500705/customer-guidance-for-cve-2019-0708 Download links for Win 7: https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-US/security-guidance/advisory/CVE-2019-0708 Edit: I just installed it on XP, no issues and no restart required.
  8. GParted is an excellent partition management software. As with all Linux based distros, especially disk editors, be careful. Gparted can gum things up badly and without no warning if used wrongly. Announcement and information here: https://news.softpedia.com/news/gparted-open-source-partition-editor-reaches-1-0-milestone-after-almost-15-years-526221.shtml and here https://sourceforge.net/projects/gparted/ Home page is here: https://gparted.org/ I just finished putting the live i686 iso and the AMD64 iso onto the same USB stick. Together they needed only about 630 mb disk space. I installed them using the UEFI version of Your Universal Multiboot Installer (YUMI), from https://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/ The documentation on the GParted page does not mention using YUMI but it does work. When you boot the USB stick you are offered a choice of which version to open.The AMD64 version booted fine on a win 7 uefi gpt computer. Have not tried the i686 version yet. If this should be in "Freeware Rebooted" please move it there. Thanks
  9. Quite right, vankjeff, about your 3 points above. The booting business is more complicated but not your primary objective anyway. As for the Ice Age, I rather like it here, but to each his own. To be serious, it's kind of a hobby, puttering around and checking out what will work with what.
  10. vankjeff, there is another option if the computers don't have to be functional when you get rid of them. Wipe the HDDs or not, as you wish (I probably would), but then remove them from the computer & just keep them. You might eventually use them in an external caddy for file storage, backup storage, whatever. Even if not, they take up very little space in the sock drawer. Full disclosure, this suggestion is from the a digital pack rat, still running win xp & office 97.
  11. Thanks Hazelnut & Andavari. Same thing here, installs quick & easy, makes a restore point, then needs a restart. Everything seems to work still. Was a bit worried about Powershadow but it's ok.
  12. Thank you for that, Hazelnut. Also very decent of microsoft to release it. Will try it here & see what happens.
  13. Yes, indeed. That one is a real if unsung hero. Also, I was much encouraged to see that botanists have a sense of humor. I'll go out on a limb here and predict that the eastern filbert blight be defeated, and you're safe for now.
  14. Agricultural researchers in the USA have made a significant breakthrough in battling the eastern filbert blight which threatens to cripple hazelnut orchards. https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2013/02/18/171420517/growing-resistance-oregon-hazelnuts-battle-blight One intrepid researcher has risked life & limb to collect blight resistant seeds. https://www.npr.org/2019/04/11/712409240/one-mans-quest-to-change-americas-presence-in-the-global-hazelnut-industry Several decades into the battle, researchers seem to be winning, but one plant pathologist warns that the hazelnut isn't out of the woods yet. " Right now, we’re in a really great place, but we can’t rest on our laurels” https://www.oregonbusiness.com/article/farms-forests/item/18702-nuts-to-the-blight
  15. Hi, 1984. Yep, time flies. Good to know you're OK.
  16. No infection in any of the portable versions listed in this topic so far. I downloaded & checked them all. The 555 zip file does show a false positive, but none of the files extracted from it do. I suggest that the OP begin posting the hash values in code tags instead of pictures so it is easier to be sure we are all talking about the same file. No way am I going to try to manually type all those hashes & verify them, don't have time. But it would be simple to copy and search for the text string. For example, VT shows the hash for the portable CCleaner 64 exe extracted from ver. 555 as this: SHA-256 e482637cbad141b517ac6f27ceff8cf04e36a92c51c00ea29c1d2c0119a74782 It's easy to copy and check that hash in several ways, both here and at VT.
  17. You guys are probably way ahead of me, but just for my satisfaction I checked this out. I just downloaded the 553 slim version from major geeks (no longer available at the builds link) and sent it to VT. It has the same hashes as the 553 version mentioned here. 553 slim version analyzes clean. Some of the detections here and at VT are for the zip file & the installer exe, not the slim. Fwiw, The user named billy AKA billy bob made those comments, and also included the incorrect download link that nergal noticed. There are links to download a file called CCleaner_Rus_Setup from 2 different sites. See here. Didn't need to sign in. https://www.virustotal.com/en/user/billy/
  18. Opened one one time that had so much cat hair you couldn't see some of the parts. But it was not crashing because of heat. Told the owner that professional help would be needed.
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