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  1. Dedoimedo is just so subtle. When I tracked down that addon, a little red box said "This add-on requires a newer version of Firefox . . ." Ha. In some way, this stuff is akin to trespassing.
  2. Some problems created for Sandboxie are apparently fixed by beta version 5.23.3. Read the first post and those on page 3. https://forums.sandboxie.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=25114 I think that means no help for win xp users who can only use up to ver 5.22. Is that right?
  3. I read some info about antivirus software interfering with the update. It says here https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=212648.msg1439270#msg1439270 that an update for Avast was issued a couple of days ago for Avast version 8 or later. But some users are still reporting problems.
  4. Happy New Year! Darn, missed GMT by a couple of minutes .
  5. Yep, think so. Also they are facing a design issue. That battery isn't easy for most folks to replace. I know some of you guys do it easily, but not most folks. And there are warranty issues. At $79 US a pop, the price was pretty high, at the reduced price of $29 they probably will still make profit. Just a guess but i would bet on it. At the core of this issue is transparency, imo. If they just would have owned up early and said bring'em in for a battery, they might have been able to keep selling the service for $79. Nothing like a barrage of international class action lawsuits to generate sudden generosity. Edit: Nukecad, I still use a Blackberry, not the newest one. I like it, it's still rated at or near the top for security.. Has everything I need, but it doesn't have the tons of apps that users want nowadays.
  6. The original issue of a delayed installation just doesn't happen here, never has. Finally did read Hazelnuts links from the unnumbered post above. Those were informative, thank you Hazelnut. Still not sure if this last installation created a new update task. Don't think so, didn't find it. Might have missed something. In any case the last restart will have "reset" this system, so further checking must wait a bit. Automatic update won't happen here. I will block it. Not sure how, it isn't an issue yet, but I will. Mta, dinosaurs both organic and digital still live among us. Birds and windows xp.
  7. Thanks. I did go to task scheduler, didn't see it. Might have got it wrong, was in a hurry & had to stop, will try again later. PS: Friend mta, remember that dinosaurs were here for about 165 million years, we've been around for what, about 1 percent of that? So there!
  8. Well, it might provide a different perspective, so there is mine. Fwiw, when I checked in the program files folder, there was an exe called CCUpdate.exe. It is now renamed to CCUpdate._xe, and on restart it will be gone. Because I like to manage my auto-updates pretty closely. I understand the reason for this new exe, I think, but it doesn't matter. Where's the logic, eh? An update caused CCleaner to be compromised, so we shall now schedule updates as part of the installation? A question, if I may. I read somewhere about a scheduled task being created, but can't find one here on XP right now. IS there a scheduled task created? Thanks.
  9. Should point out that I normally don't install anything while connected to the net until after much checking. But I have come to trust CCleaner over the years, recent problems notwithstanding, and anyway this system runs under Powershadow so all changes will go away after a restart. Not sure how this old system will help anybody but here goes. . . . And the results are in!! Offer for google toolbar delay time was zero, the offer showed immediately in the first installer window, with a box to uncheck. It's been about an hour since and no other offers appeared. Speedtest shows: ping = 42 ms, download = 3.40 Mbps, upload = 0.49 Mbps. Not going to post the URL. ccsetup538_v2.exe (I renamed it) phoned out to, aka ip-188-121-41-51.ip.secureserver.net, but that connection closed when I unticked the "View Release Notes" box. OS is Windows is XP Home Edition 32-bit SP3 CPU is AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ RAM is 4.00GB Dual-Channel DDR @ 198MHz (3-3-3-8) (3.31GB in use) Antivirus is Avast Edit: Should point out that this result is consistent with every other time i tried the CCleaner installer, going back for years. Speccy phoned out to, didn't know it did that.
  10. Kroozer is back, Nikki is back, how great. Still missing a few older ... senior ... long time ... regulars. Yeah, that's it. Maybre they'll pop in before the new year.
  11. Also, been missing other familiar faces for a while now.
  12. Kroozer! So glad to see you back.. Merry Christmas & may God bless.
  13. Merry Christmas and may God bless. For those who don't celebrate Christmas, may you have a happy and safe new year.
  14. My favorite T-shirt so far this season. Worn by a small child. DEAR SANTA. Define "good".
  15. Yep, and will try for the rotund, slightly vacant appearance. Many say I have that mastered already. Actually I want to switch to Linux but am too lazy but will summon the resolve soon, I think.
  16. FYI for Aqua2, just this morning i installed CCleaner free ver 538, no malware. Just an offer to install google toolbar, in big letters. No offer for Avast as I already use it.
  17. I stand corrected. Didn't remember for sure if one or both were delayed. Fwiw, I agree it's a bad move.
  18. You have the link right. The portable and the slim versions usually come along a few days after the installer version. Afaik they will be available soon. edit: see also here: (link removed)
  19. New one for me. Shape of things to come, I think.
  20. Couldn't get the avatar picker site to work correctly, but putting a border around the original picture worked. Thanks.
  21. Got my new one. Woo hoo. Edit: Not easy to get the little sucker to fit in the circle, eh?
  22. Also, there is now a delete option for attachments.
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