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  1. Can a backup made by Macrium Reflect free be used with the paid version? Quite a few here use Macrium, so maybe you guys can help. Thank you. Acronis paid has worked very well on this xp box for a long time. Macrium paid works maybe a bit better on the win 7 computer. Sooner or later hardware fails, and it would be great have backup files compatible with any computer. Problem is, this Acronis software won't work on win 7, and Macrium on win 7 won't work with Acronis backup files. Issue became important here when backing up the phone. Blackberry software for windows is good, but also big and slow and the image files are big and not at all intuitive. Also, RIM has given strong indications that they are losing interest in the phone market. So it is important to have working backups. Until just recently I had never thought about what a mess it would be if this XP box was not available to restore the Acronis images. So, if possible, I shall make the file & folder images w/ Macrium free, and the win xp system backups with Acronis. Any suggestions or ideas welcome. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I did see that. I have been using whatever this is since I can remember. Think it is the beta but don't remember agreeing to it, not sure, will check. Thanks.
  3. For a while now Yahoo mail has popped up a box saying different time zone detected. Looked around for a plausible sounding reason and solution, found some discussion, but didn't find anything persuasive. Other methods of checking location are pretty consistent, and do not agree that the time zone has changed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Thank you hazelnut. Got it.
  5. Fwiw. Just ran the paf.exe file Hazelnut pointed to, it is indeed the portable version 52.9.0 ESR, has the 32 and 64 bit folders, runs fine here on xp 32. No smoke or strange noises, so now to go about setting it up permanently.
  6. Yes, Hazelnut, it is. Thank you. I wondered about that because the naming convention is different. That file name is FirefoxPortableLegacy52_52.9.0_English.paf. . . Earlier files saved here are named like : FirefoxPortableESR_52.7.4_English.paf FirefoxPortableESR_52.8.1_English.paf, etc Also, thanks patrickdrd, but ffox here runs sandboxed so I can't update it "on the fly". Upside is that if anything goes blooey it is easily fixed. Downside is the time required to make changes, updates, etc,
  7. CCleaner version 5.22 Pro, updates now expired. Also ms office 97 and windows xp. All OK so far. Seriously, I think CCleaner is among the best trash removers, good balance of effective vs overkill. Still though, if the time comes when its behavior can't be controlled, into the abyss it goes. Along with soooo many other softwares that got too big for their britches.
  8. This version, 52.8.1, suggests to update to 52.9.0. Is the portableapps com version up yet? There are little firefoxes all over the place, but not portable version 52.9.0 esr, only installers?
  9. GASP!! Another one bites the dust. Serious question. What is the latest ESR version you guys can run on xp, assuming it has the necessary processor capabilities? I have had success up to 52.8.0, will try 52.8.1 when time permits.
  10. Fwiw, I have used a number of defrag, recovery, and drive wiping softwares that require a long time to complete. Oddly, none that I remember can predict time to completion very well. They all seem to jump around like you describe. No idea why.
  11. Works here using ff 52.8.0 ESR on win xp.
  12. Must say I agree with Tr3bg0D's main points. What matters is how the software behaves, not what you call it . . . spyware, malware, analytics, whatever. Agree with Andavari also, the data collecting trend is a steamroller. Its probably more trouble than it's worth to stop it nowadays, at least for mere mortal user like me. However, any suggestion that such collection is inevitable, or harmless, or necessary for the software to function is questionable.
  13. Tas sort of kept his light under a bushel, as the saying goes. Knew more than he let on, as they say. Gonna miss him here. Au revoir, Tas.
  14. Thanks, trium, for the encouragement. I should explain a bit, I guess. I like the idea that the antivirus has a sort of emergency backup that is tough. Don't like when the firewall starts warning about my AV software without any explanation or prior notice. Posted that on the avast forum. No reply yet. Don't really expect one. And it may be that the real reason for this change was something entirely different. https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=210028.30
  15. Thanks for the information. Not a good move by avast, imho. Sad.
  16. Speaking of software issues, the double post just above here is the 2nd or 3rd time I though I had deleted the contents of a post but had not.
  17. Thanks, Alan. Picture is gone now, offer expired anyway. It was a big file.
  18. Hi, Alan_B. Sorry for the scare. As far as I could tell, nothing in that post would run without asking. Checked that several times before posting. That link now goes to a page saying that the offer expired. That picture is what loaded so slowly, I guess. It is there to show how to save the installer and run it later. I don't know how to attach it as a thumbnail so it will load faster. How does one do that with the new forum software?
  19. Is that the digital version of casing the neighborhood or sizing up the mark? I heard some guy I know use those terms.
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