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  1. @nukecad, I think @HGVord provided a valid use case where this affects any user, regardless if they altered their firewall settings and it applies to any scenario when CCleaner cannot connect to any of those servers for various reasons - you're on the move and have no hotspot/internet connectivity, your ISP has some kind of outage and limited connectivity to the world, servers are inaccessible due to outage/maintenance/whatever... Any of these would affect all users. Let's not waste time debating if this is a bug or an oversight in a feature that was added several versions ago. What matters is if Avast will improve it for the sake of end users. I hope you're not suggesting we should all simply disable/uninstall firewalls just because apps are designed to connect to the internet and we should blindly trust developers because they know what's best for us. Developers are only humans and make all kind of mistakes which slip through QA and sometimes could be extremely dangerous. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Firewalls should be configured with block all for both incoming and outgoing connections. It could be overwhelming even for advanced users to selectively allow inbound and outbound connections which is why Windows blocks only incoming connections by default and is pretty wide open for outgoing ones. Many incoming connections would be automatically blocked by the router anyway because there's no port forwarding whereas personal data is leaking from the outbound connections.
  2. Totally agree with @HGVord And let's be clear - CCleaner is NOT an antivirus, it does NOT have any definition updates and does NOT need any cloud based service in order for its core functionality to work for what it's designed for. The only reason it is connecting to multiple servers is to: Check if there is newer version available. Check serial number for Professional version - I'll take this for granted as I'm using FREE version so there's no need to check Pro Key when it's not present. Upload user data - again, let's assume that disabling this option under Privacy settings actually work. Pull marketing data about promos and offers to upgrade to Professional version. None of these are essential and disabling internet access does NOT affect core functionality and it is poor design that causes significant delays - developers tried really hard to connect to the mother ship by contacting various servers to achieve the same non-essential thing which is to bother users with nagging screens and notifications. Not once, not twice, but EVERY single time CCleaner is launched it has to show annoying notification popup. If user chose NOT to upgrade there is a reason for that and why bother again and again? But they didn't bother to properly handle exceptions and therefore extremely long connection timeouts - this is the culprit of those long delays. And for those conspiracy theorists, do you remember this embarrassment: https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/18/16325202/ccleaner-hack-malware-security If it was Open Source I would be able to verify those claims but being closed source I don't trust that the app ONLY pulls anonymous data just because someone who can't even control their source code said so. I'm in US and only use legal software but am blocking many apps from having internet access and am limiting their access to files and other resources. As far as Facebook, Google and other big brothers go, they were all caught numerous times for stealing various personal data so please spare me these arguments.
  3. Every single version since 5.65.7632 takes forever to start and exit including just released 5.68.7820. It appears it ignores Privacy Settings and is stubborn attempting to connect to various remote servers both during launch and exit, Every time it launches it keeps bugging users with annoying adds which is why I had to block it with the firewall. I've been using CCleaner for a very long time for cleaning various junk but it started to behave like one with all the bloatware that was added since takeover
  4. This is confirmed in 2.16.809: - 32-bit on XP Pro - 64-bit on Windows 7 Home - 64-bit on Windows 7 Pro In addition, "Defrag progress" popup dialog is modal which prohibits switching tabs and is also triggering this behavior. I missed this one and have created another bug report here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=39694 The previous version didn't have any of these issues.
  5. It's a minor, but for me an annoying bug: While defragmenting it shows "Defrag progress" popup which is now modal and therefore prohibits change of tabs in the background. This used to work just fine for a long time. I usually defrag files only, and as I cannot scroll up/down in the file list, I switch to the drive tab, so I can see more detailed progress of how many files and fragments are left to be defragged, but with the most recent version that's not possible anymore. Furthermore, I'd love to be able to change any tabs and scroll the list while any message dialog is popped up.
  6. I've seen this happening on different drives, and when you click on the non-blue blocks it clearly indicates there are fragmented files, but analysis report shows all zeros. This happens without any limitation and with default configuration. Trying custom settings didn't help.
  7. I'm having the same issue with Windows re-indexing everything after each boot. I have disabled MS Search, and MS Search More*, but something is still interfering with indexing. I tried disabling Saved Search Folders* and Windows Search Logs*, but that didn't help I checked all settings inside Registry and everything looks OK. If I don't use CCleaner everything works fine, but after I run it Windows will start rebuilding index cache as soon as I reboot. In the meantime Outlook will keep complaining about search being disabled and items not being indexed. I assume something else that doesn't have such obvious name is responsible for deleting something that Windows Search relies on. What else can cause rebuilding search index?
  8. Interesting. So it's not just my box. I though initially something is messed up, but only Piriform's installer was opening it in Chrome, so I wasn't sure and wanted to ask if there's something special about how it's opening URL and though it might be related to chromeHTML as that one is specific to Chrome and is the only one assigned to Chrome in my class root.
  9. You mean "Save all settings to INI file" option?It was easier to dump the whole reg. key and re-import Anyway, this did resolve the problem, and it appears there was bunch of other keys as it was installed for all users and most of them got deleted after uninstall. However, I noticed a weird issue with installer as the offered option to open readme.html opened it in Chrome! Chrome was not assigned to any file or protocol, and all URLs and HTML pages are opened in the default browser except for Piriform's installer. Is it using chromeHTML:// URI handler or something else? This is the only case when a web page starts my Chrome which I rarely use so that's why it doesn't have any file/content/protocol assignments.
  10. That's great. It would also be great if Cleaner tab would also have checkboxes as in Registry tab, or at least an option to have multiple items selected with Ctrl/Shift click. Sometimes I get a very long list and for some reason want to delete only certain items. It may be annoying to manually disable bunch of them, scan, delete, re-enable again. The alternative is to scan, delete only one, re-scan, delete 2nd, re-scan, delete 3rd... With multiple items selection I would be able to immediately pick only those 3-4 that I want to delete without need to change my default settings. For example, it forces me to close Firefox while cleaning and maybe I want to clean everything else except Firefox entries as I can't or don't want to close it right now, but I do want to delete everything else.
  11. I wasn't sure if it was intentional either, so that's why I'm not claiming it's a bug. And even if it was intentional would like either to be reverted back or to have an option to choose between the 2
  12. Will try that, but have to export bunch of custom imports first Though, if that works then it relies on the value of this key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Piriform\CCleaner] @="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\CCleaner" Thanks
  13. I'm not sure I understand the "problem" Why don't you just hit "Analyze" button again once cleaning/analysis is done? Same for "Scan for issues" under Registry tab. Though, it would be nice to have some kind of Refresh button under Tools as F5 is not obvious.
  14. Yeah, you're right, but again it may offer an option to automate that process (i.e. a confirmation popup "Do you want to restart Explorer.exe process?")
  15. Searched older post, but couldn't find this one, so I apologize if someone already reported it. CCleaner x64 gets installed into Program Files (x86) instead into Program Files. Even if manually changing this, on the next update it will still want to install to the wrong one. Defraggler installer however does this correctly so it seems to be CCleaner setup specific and it doesn't detect properly x86 vs. x64. It would also be nice if it can detect existing version and its folder. BTW why is it always installing both 32bit and 64bit?
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