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  1. After the latest Android lollipop update a few weeks ago,on the Cleaner mobile app shows me nothing to clean nor any processes listed unlike before it. I have the free version so can't contact cleaner support since you need the pro version to do it. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? How do I make the support team to do an upgrade to fix this problem as of now it is useless to even run the app since it shows nothing except files and folders?
  2. The new edition of defraggler has a bug in that it doesn't minimize either the status window or the main window on the new update like before. It saves me time if I can minimize the window and either start another program or browser. It used to do that and now you have to force whatever (browser or program) from the icon tray until it has finished deragging the checked items-As I analyze it then simply check all then start Defrag checked and then minimize it and let it run. Please fix this bug. THANKS!
  3. This is the same problem I have with the latest version 3.21.1767 Have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP 1, Pentium Dual Core CPU T4400 @2.20 ghz, 4.0 GB RAM,Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family It will hang at 19% then after a couple minutes will increase slowly up to like 23% on System Temporary Internet Files, then take forever to analyze it This has never happened with the older versions & it doesn't clean like before even though I have the same items checkmarked. There has to be a bug causing this. You'll probably say go back to an older version while not explaining, clari
  4. Is this why I get Blue Screen crashes while using CCleaner (latest version)after I use IE9 as my browser during session and run it because it's not compatible with cleaning IE9? I use another utility Advanced System Care by obit and it has a registry cleaner before the junk file cleaner & that also crashes during the junk file cleaning mode after using IE9.But if I run the computer in safe mode with networking, CCleaner then cleans the IE 9 file & won't crash. So, is there any solution to this yet & if not, why not?
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