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  1. Hi, thanks for answering, lets hope they will resolve it in the next version.
  2. Hi, I'm using portable version of ccleaner 5.63 and I noticed that whenever there is a temp folder on c:\ ccleaner creates this file c:\temp\UninstalItems.log when using the tools\uninstall section. If there is no c:\temp folder, it does not create the file in any place in the drive. Thanks.
  3. Why the command line version does not have this option? Very strange.
  4. Hi, how can I move a file to the end of the drive with the command line version of defraggler?
  5. Consider this scenario: - A ntfs compressed file fragmented with these properties: size: 98 758 480 bytes size on disk: 49 590 272 bytes - Largest free space block on disk reported by contig.exe (sysinternals) : 91009024 bytes Trying to defragment the file outputs: defrag aborted. no files were defragmentes. But running: contig.exe file defragments the file in 1 piece.
  6. Moving a fragmented file to the end of the drive: When trying to move a fragmented file to the end of the drive when there is no enough contiguous free space in the disk to defragment the file results in no action. But defragmenting the same file, results in the file being defragmented to the minimum possible fragments. Will it be possible to move the file near the end of the disk and defragmenting it to the minimum possible fragments?
  7. Well I think this is CCleaner sugestion forum, and thats my sugestion. Also you can use regedit and windows explorer to clean your computer. CCleaner makes it easier.
  8. Thanks for your answers, some of the tips I already know. And some not: Thanks for the F5 tip. The solution I use is to have 2 copies of ccleaner, one with the file winapp2.ini and the other without it. My sugestion is to put an option to load manually a winapp2.ini. You can have some custom winapp2_xx.ini files and load them when you need. And/Or an option to load or not load automatically a winapp2.ini file in ccleaner directory. Doing this, winapp2.ini developers could have the option to make customs winapp2.ini files: system, games, browsers, .... Also, in some computers, starting ccleaner with winapp2.ini can take more than 1 minute of 100% CPU usage. So I think it would be a time saver, energy saver, cpu fan saver putting those options.
  9. Hi, sometimes I use ccleaner just to clean the registry, and if i put the file winapp2.ini in the ccleaner directory it takes too long to start (100% CPU for a while). I know about trim.bat to trims the entries from the full Winapp2.ini. But it would be a very good, and time saving idea to put an option to load manually the winapp2.ini or automatically. Thanks a lot for your atention and for this program. LiamZ
  10. Moving a non fragmented file to the end of the drive sometimes results in moving the file near to the beginning than the actual position, when there's no space to put it nearer the end than the actual position. The program sould check first and do nothing in that case. Thanks.
  11. I'd like to have a option to remove only selected files from the detailed results. Another good idea will be to have not only the path and size of the file but also the modified and creation dates and type. I'd like to have also a detailed panel view of the registry keys and/or values that ccleaner will remove on the cleaner section and a "remove only selected items" too for this panel. I'd like to be able to move the four buttons (cleaner, registry, tools and options) to the top (horizontal) to have more space for "low resolution" screens (1024x768) to show the data in the detailed results. (And/Or a hiding left panel?) Thanks.
  12. Another good idea would be add a "modified date" column to the search results. I'd like this to know better if a file is a candidate to be moved to the end of the drive. Thanks.
  13. Hi, adding "move highlighted to end of drive" option was a very good idea. Another one would be "move highlighted to beginning of drive". I know that defragmenting move the files to the beginning, but only for fragmented files. I like to move some files to the end of the drive, and some others to the beginning. Thanks
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