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  1. Excellent stuff, thank you.
  2. Thanks for that Hazelnut.I guess I'll leave it a couple of days though in case any problems are reported.
  3. Hey cowboy, I'm very new to Firefox myself but I have to say that I think it's wonderful. (Please see the thread I started a little further down the page) The beauty of it is that it sits hapilly side by side with IE on your desktop. You have both at your disposal. The extensions in Firefox are a joy. Just keep playing and experimenting, that's what I'm doing. Good luck. Stuart.
  4. " Check out this thread on Lunarsoft.Net for a list of more helpful and useful extensions. " Great link, thanks for that Zaphirer. It should keep me busy for a while.
  5. Just a quick update. I've been playing with Firefox for about a week now, and I have to say I think it's wonderful. I can't see myself ever using IE again. Btw rridgely, I just love the colorful tabs extension, thanks for that.
  6. Thanks once again. I must say that FF makes IE feel rather old and tired.
  7. Thanks rridgely for the quick reply. I've already dowloaded Adblock, No script and Tab mix plus. I've never used tabbed browsing before so don't really know how to use it for the best, but I'm sure I'll get used to it with a bit of experimentation.
  8. Hi everybody. Well I've finally taken the plunge and downloaded Firefox, been meaning to try it for ages. I've only ever used IE before and atm everything seems a bit odd. I know that a lot of people here use Firefox, so any help, advice or encouragement will be much appreciated. I feel all at sea right now.
  9. Is it better to uninstall the previous version before installing the new one? What do you people do?
  10. "dont buy the best" I have to disagree with this. Buying the best is something you will never regret. Long after you have forgotten the purchase price, the quality will remain with you.
  11. Someone's requires an apostrophe, commas does not.
  12. Hi, cowboy. Don't worry too much. If you like 'em, you use 'em,,,,
  13. hmmm... That isn't usually advised. Not unless you use somethiing like Acronis.
  14. Woody


    Amen to that. I agree with you completely.
  15. Beige box about 16" high, with a few slots on the front. A nice big button which turns green when I press it, and lots of wires sticking out the back.
  16. Just get a marker pen and write the new name on your monitor over the start menu button, that should work
  17. I think #1 is a myth. The bottles were green but not the drink.
  18. What do you use? Firefox? Opera? And why? I'm trying to decide whether to switch from IE to Firefox but can't seem to make my mind up.
  19. Woody

    Post DeskTop

    Try again.. Yippee! You learn something new everyday..
  20. Woody

    Post DeskTop

    This is the first time I've ever tried to capture a screenshot, so here goes... Looks like I did something wrong. I'll try again. I hope you people don't mind me experimenting.
  21. Woody


    Use it every day. Also click on " issues " . Then "scan for issues" Don't be afraid of it, it's not very aggressive.
  22. Woody


    Thanks for that. I've heard other good reports of Perfect Disk, so I think I'll give that a try.
  23. Woody


    Can anyone recommend a good defrag program? I've heard that the bundled XP jobbie is pretty useless.
  24. My first post, just to see if it's working . Hello everybody.
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