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  1. I'm not as keen on the new interface as I was on version 1.75.


    But I guess that's just personal opinion.

    A view shared by many of us beta testers Hazel. We have suggested that the have an option to revert to the old layout or something similar. Not sure they will take that on board though

  2. Keep in mind that only about 30% or so of all the internet servers in the world run Microsoft based software. The other 70% is split between BSD, SUSE, Red Hat, Oracle, Solaris, Unix, and others. And remember that security on your personal computer and security on a server system are two entirely different concepts: On your personal computer, you're trying to keep people out of your system, period. On a server system, you're inviting people in, but trying to strictly control what they can or cannot do once they're inside. A much more complex and difficult task.


    As I came from a company using servers I am well aware of the differences. My comment stands. Perhaps those two av companies will ensure in future that there suppliers are properly protected in future, regardless of their operating systems.

  3. When I seen your reply I did a google search like I did before for download Ccleaner and it had the piriform link which took me to the download page @ https://piriform.com/ccleaner/download which listed filehippo, piriform and download.com the screen capture was created Today, May 28, 2013, 6:44:35 PM



    edit - winapp2.ini - I didn't see about trouble with 4.02 free that why I started the topic. I'm releived it was more than just me having trouble. I dunno whats going on, I never had to disable ZA or AVG before.


    From the UK I get exactly the same page as you with 3 download locations

  4. Sorry, I disagree.


    Thany wants to retain "the Windows 7 Start Panel list",

    and did not know whether "Enable" meant an item would be cleaned or NOT cleaned.


    I gave an immediate and correct answer that regardless of the wording the corresponding item will NOT be cleaned if there no tick in the box.

    If Thany suspects "Enable Windows Jump List Tasks" as the cause of loss,

    my answer is sufficient to know that when a suspect is NOT ticked then either that prevents loss, or that if loss continues a further suspect must be sought.



    Sorry, but that is all I got, but I thought it might nail it.


    I agree with Dennis. Too often your responses are uneccessarly agressive or OTT.

  5. Platform Update for Windows 7 x64-Edition (KB2670838)


    What a nasty piece of work this is. And I doubt it has anything to do with what this thread was started for. But the fact that it messes up the fonts & graphics on my W7 PC just takes the cake. Anybody else out there enjoying Mr. Toads' Wild Ride with this update? <_<


    Works just fine for me

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