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  1. Thanks for the insult! :( Just kidding! Anyway, I downloaded it earlier, but I was unaware that it could be the same thing you are talking about.

    After all, I believe you stated this was by the same maker of AdBlock. I was unsure if you meant adblock or adblock plus (firefox) because the firefox adblock plus maker is Wladamir Palant. And the Simple Adblock link you posted is hosted in Denmark with a Comodo digital certificate embedded.


    Clearly, these are not the same. I will take the blame for being thrown off.



    Also, did you get around to testing those websites I listed? I know earlier, you seemed a bit angry that I suggested that IE9 could be anything but perfect.

    You stated that I probably could not even name any websites that did not work properly in IE9, & that is just entirely untrue. See below...


    1) go.infinise.com

    2) google.com/firefox


    I am not sure if you got around to testing them yet, but they clearly do not display properly in IE9, while FF & other browsers have no problem.


    A simple typo :D and I made no such remarks I use IE8 and this has all become far to boring to continue

  2. Mike, I was unaware of them having it because IE was practically ignored with that regard for so long.

    I am not sure if this was what you had in mind, but I found adblockie, which is what I assume you are talking about.

    I downloaded it, but if you had something different, do tell.


    I plan to test later on to see how IE does with it installed.

    Or, if you were thinking of another program, please detail what you were thinking of so I can test it instead.


    If IE9 is still 2x slower, however, I won't be using it long! :)

    But I will definitely test with adblock. This should be very interesting! Who knows? Maybe it will speed it up a bit....


    It may be a few weeks before I can reply, because we have to head out, & I am not sure if we will be working a week, or more than that away.

    But I will try to test when I get chance, because this definitely will be interesting. Ads can slow a browser by a lot, so I am crossing my fingers!


    Don't make assumptions. When I said 'simple adbock' that is exactly what I meant. Produced by the same people as Adblock. As for you testing it! that is of no interest to me, I have been using it with IE8 for the past year or so, and are more than happy with it.

    So, please drop[ your attacks on IE for as Hazel said earlier its just so boring.

    End of topic for me

  3. :lol:


    I don't think my parents will not like it if I told them, after I successfully graduate, that I cannot get a job because I'm too overqualified(They obviously want me to get money for the family to continue and such, help pay loans and things etc.)....but at the same time - I guess they would be happy for their son to be overqualified for any job....


    I wouldn't worry! I seriously doubt that you will end up being over qualified

  4. ( I had a hard drive with two partitions, C: (system) and D: (docs). I reformatted and installed a fresh copy of XP on C:. After installing, I went into my computer and double-clicked on D:, but windows didn't know how to open it, as if it was an unrecognized file type.)





    Exploring via My Computer requires a double click in XP to open a drive

  5. This seems to be the answer for most users, you need to delete the hidden file Autorun.inf on the D partition


    1. First go to cmd, type “attrib X:\Autorun.inf –s –r –h” without quotes where X is your drive name which is having the problem.

    2. Now the file is visible and ready to delete.

    3. After deleting the file, close the explorer and open it again or just give a reboot to the computer, your problem is fixed.

  6. Unless thats a very large monitor Hazel I would not be able to work at that resolution. Why not change it to give your self a larger image. These are the usual resolutions to screen size


    14-15 inch 1024x768

    17-19 inch 1280x1024

    20-23 inch 1600x1200

    24 + inch 1900x1200

    17-18 inch Widescreen 1280x800

    19 inch Widescreen 1440x900

    20-23 inch Widescreen 1680x1050

    24-29 inch Widescreen 1920x1080 to 1920x1200

    30 + inch Widescreen 1920x1080 to 2560x1600

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