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  1. I don't completely get your point, as the technique has been on market for a pretty long time now. Just look at how Storm changes it's appereance automatically.
  2. If you're willing to pay for it, I'd go for NOD32. Low resource use, but still a very powerful engine.
  3. Nope. I may be the only one to tell this, but I feel that after the update Firefox runs much faster o_O
  4. Blowing air to the dog's nose creates that effect. Still, a hilarious video
  5. On all of my DVI sets, the cable has fitted perfectly between the monitor and the graphics card. It's because of the cable - every DVI cable I have seen, has less of the pins in use than the "full" connection that is seen in the gcard you posted. So in theory, if you buy a regular DVI-cable, it should fit both your monitor and the new graphics card. Pretty much like SCART when talking about television connections - not always the every possible hole is fitted. You can check it tough - if the cable does have more pins than your monitor, choose other. If it has the same amount or less that your monitor holes, it fits both your TFT and your new card.
  6. Well, to be exact, I'm from Finland and that post sure doesn't ring my bells either.
  7. Spysnake


    Now you're just sounding like a advertisement bot.
  8. Whether your processor is running 32 or 64-bit depends solely on what version of OS you have installed. Both Windows XP and Vista have 64-versions; though not many drivers or software support it so using 64-mode is not advisable yet. I'm almost certainly sure you have a 32-bit version installed. You can check that from System-information though (place depends on OS). I'm not an expert on 64-bit improvements, but I remember it at least has support for 8 GB RAM and it handles processor tasks lightly differently.
  9. I don't remember answering this thread, pardon me if I did already. I use NOD32 and really love it. After using products like Norton IS and F-Secure IS in the past and configuring countless of others at work, this product really hit me hard with it's low resource use, fast scanning and effective heuristics. I believe that with my surfing habits and other layers of protection the antivirus is pretty unneeded, but because I am a paranoid after all... So why not take something that is good but still uses only a few resources? Also, the "technology-savvy" interface is what I like. It is like a complete opposite of some antivirus-softwares which only shows if "Your computer is protected" or "Your computer might be at risk". No, I'm not affiliated with Eset, I'm only pleased =).
  10. Hardware and hardware only. I think my NAT router with some basic firewall options is sufficient enough to not use even Windows Firewall on the computer's end. Altough, after next format and reinstall (because of the recent BIOS update and such) I might as well as test if that firewall is good enough to use as an secondary option.
  11. Sheesh, do I get an award for "a lowest possible amount of hits"? 2 150.
  12. Yep, I have the same "problem" and it's occurring because the HOSTS file has entries which block various messenger-related ads. Notice that the banner is gone at the bottom of the window? You can just press No, or if irritated by that message, you can also manually go trough the HOSTS file and remove entries related to messenger-ads. They are something like ads.live or ads.msn. Personally, I just don't care as I log into service once a day.
  13. Also a common sense is a perfect companion to every security program - in theory, with this you don't even need antivirus or anti-malware. And I recommend it to everyone who I guide in safe computing =).
  14. Maybe your multimonitor-combination is only supported in normal mode because of the drivers. Yes, suggestion above should fix it. It's because Windows only loads the core system components in safe mode and that leads to many differences in your graphics card's operating behaviour (at least a low resolution on every system).
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