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  1. You are the man, it's windows 7 shellbags in winapp2.ini, unticking it made the job.
  2. I don't have it checked. It must be a line in winapp2.ini but i don't know which one
  3. I always run ccleaner before turning off my pc. That's when i lose them. When i turn it off without running ccleaner everything is ok.
  4. Yes i am running as administrator all the time. I don't know but i guess it is similar to ccleaner deleting window size or something. Anyway does ccleaner delete those settings or not? (i definitely believe so cause without running ccleaner every optimization remains untouched) If yes please tell which option i should untick. Remember that i am using the latest winapp2.
  5. right click a folder -> properties -> customize tab -> option to optimize the folder for general items, music, pictures ,documents, video.
  6. Hello there, can you tell me if there is a setting that affects file optimization settings (i mean when you choose to optimize a folder for music, pictures, videos) in ccleaner? I am running windows 7 with the latest ccleaner, also using the latest winapp2.ini Each time i run ccleaner and reboot any optimization is lost unfortunately.
  7. Hi A friend of mine called me last night to announce me that someone has stolen her windows live password. This a**hole claims to be a hacker and he demanded some things to give back the password. I want your help. I know that if your computer is infected someone can steal your passwords. I haven't searched my friend's pc for spyware but is there another way for someone to steal a windows live password? Or the only way is to install a nasty program that will give him everything you type etc.(I think it's called keylogger)? Is there any way that she can retrieve her password ? I told her to format her hard drive immediately cause i don't have time to help her. What's your opinion about all these?
  8. Hi there, I've been using Registry Clean Expert along with CCleaner to keep my registry clean and safe. In R.C.E there's is an extra scanning option for File/Path reference registry values(reference to non existing files/folders) that is unchecked by default. It is supposed to be for advanced users only , i have 700 errors in that category , errors that CCleaner never finds. I wonder if anyone who uses this program can tell me about this option. Is it safe to remove them all? I don't have time to look 700 errors
  9. I disabled the HOSTS file and everything is ok now. Is there any way that i could use it without the messenger being affected?
  10. Hi everyone everytime i open the msn window from the system tray i get a script error (Internet Explorer script error : An error has occured in the script on this page.....) I did a little search on the internet and found out some things but nothing worked for me. I also searched for possible infections but i 'm clean. I'll give you a hint: Before this error i installed the mvps host program. I don't if there is any relation between these two , but i mention it.
  11. The best thing to do is to bookmark the websites you often visit (Bookmarks->Bookmark This Page) so you won't lose them. You should clean your recently typed URL's because of many reasons (security etc).
  12. I couldn't get it to work either.After the restart i had a fatal error .After a second restart a lot of things were messed up including screen graphics , so i go rid of it immediately and everything is fine. I just saw that there is a newer version (268) i hope they fixed some bugs.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply mate , i have deleted manually a lot of stuff .
  14. I'm sorry but i forgot to mention that i had to install the program again and use the disc loader image to get rid of the drive. This information goes to everyone who is facing the same problem.
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