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  1. No it's no hooked up to a tv. I can't understand what you said dave could you be alittle more specific. Thank you all for your help. I really need to boot in safe mode and be able to see what I am doing is there a way to customize safe mode so that it loads my video drivers??
  2. I only have one monitor hooked up at a time I just tried another monitor I had when this problem occurred how do I change to a windows standard??
  3. It sends no signal to the monitor if I try to boot in safe mode with the disk or not. Is there a way to change what kind of video output your computer is sending to the monitor??
  4. I am running xp and nothing happens when I press enter or ctrl alt del either, and no I haven't seen anybody with the awnser to this problem what is cause #2.
  5. Well Dave that's not the awnser but thanks for trying no nothing on my esc key and no media in any drives. This is a really good question because I have looked for hours online to find the solution and I'm not bad about locating an awnser. Who ever is able to fix this problem is going to be a real pro, but thanks for playing.
  6. I have tried booting into safe mode on my computer and when I do the monitor turns black and one of my monitors tells me no imput and the other tells me it can't read that kind of video file. I then have to fix boot and restart in normal mode I need to get into safe mode , what do I do. Please please awnser this question for me it would be greatly appreciated.
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