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  1. yea but whats incognito for isn't it to surf the net without any traces. I heard in normal mode google records everything your doing including keystrokes compared to incoginto mode which nothing is recorded is this correct?
  2. what about google chrome. I heard there was privacy issues with it but doesnt google incognito solve those problems? with incognito doesn't nothing get recorded that you do by anyone unless you have malware?
  3. for some strange reason when i unscrew my laptop to open it. The nails would unscrew and become lose but they wouldn't detach? the hard drive screws easily come off but when i try to take the cover off where the ram is they do not come off they just loosen up? any help
  4. its a addon you dont have to switch, i tried it and it seemed to slow the my computer alittle so i stopped using it
  5. thanks for the information, if it was going to make my computer slower i would of just stayed with avast
  6. when i click ctrl+n in firefox a new window with my homepage appears. But when i click ctrl+n on google a useless broswer history page appears and its annoying having to click the homepage icon everytime the browser history page appears. Is it possible to change it by hacking it? because i tried everything edit when you type about:config on firfox you can hack but i cant find anything like that for google only useless stuff like stats and history
  7. when i first saw it i ignored it but then came back today to try it but its to late
  8. Does ccleaner make your files unrecoverable when deleting files or recycle bins with ccleaner or do you need to wipe free space to make files unrecoverable
  9. has anyone used this tool, what are your experiences with it?
  10. ok what if i got a video card that was only for xp or earlier while i have a vista will it work. I assume yes but not sure
  11. it improves picture too?
  12. hello2007

    video card

    whats the point of getting a good video card? compared to a average one? on the dell site it says it makes your computer faster and makes watching videos, viewing pictures and playing games more enjoyable? how so, is this bullcrap?
  13. how do i configure to memory caching instead of hard disk? i cant find anything like that. Everything else seem's to be fine but the anti-virus isnt working? also the updating doesnt work it seem's neither
  14. i take it using returnil your hard drive won't have as much wear and tear?
  15. it looks crappy, i also hate how with almost every new computer they pre-install norton or mcafee for 30 days, talk about a waste of my time, uninstalling so much stuff when getting a new computer
  16. thanks its just that after reading what was on returnil website about how it works i wasn't sure if it would work with av's, am's
  17. does returnil work with other anti-virus, anti-malware programs?
  18. alot and the more windows you open the more memory it takes up. I have it but hardly use it because of that, just don't like it at all
  19. how can i search my files by file size or at least search with file size indicating? can i do it within vista or do i need to download software for it
  20. i think a common misbelief people have about spyware doctor is that its just a anti-malware prog but its also a anti-virus prog so if you have a anti-virus on your comp running it will really slow down your computer, very incompatible it is with anti-virus progs. Even if you install the version without anti-virus it will still conflict with your other anti-virus so if your going to give it a try you'll need to disable your current anti-virus
  21. well if thats how you feel but ad-awares scanner is very good imo and it only takes about 30 secs to do a quick scann its also extremely light on resources with real-time or not. So thats my opinion on it
  22. why replace ad-aware with malwarebytes? keep both no harm in that
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