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  1. Thanks! just some pic I came across while looking for some desktop photos. I have my system set up pretty well now and everything seem to work just as well as they worked in Windows. A few programs I'm running,Linux versions. FireFox 10.0.2 Thunderbird 3.1.19 VLC player 1.1.9 GnomeBaker CD/DVD writer Radio Tray Shutter GIMP gThumb LibreOffice Foxit Reader
  2. I've took the Linux plunge,I'm using Linux Mint 11 and couldn't be more happier.
  3. I've tried it for a few days,seems to make my PC run slower all around so I switched back to AVG and my personal firewall and all is good to go.
  4. res45

    HP Bloatware

    H'mmm well I look all around inside this machine and only thing else I can find is the HP folder in program files It's just a little over 81.2 MB I guess I got a good one doesn't slow the boot time down any and kicks in pretty fast when I need to use it. I really like this one ink is cheap about $40 for both carts prints great pics and I got it on sale for $50 at Circuit City before they crashed and burned. Best printer I ever owned was an Epson C-80 lasted me 5 years should have bought two of them and put one in storage.
  5. res45


  6. res45

    HP Bloatware

    I use an HP4480 All-in-One,my software gave me the option of checking off any unwanted software when I installed the printer and scanner drivers. This is all I have installed on mine.
  7. res45

    HP Bloatware

    Might could give this a try get some of the stuff anyways. http://www.pcdecrapifier.com/apps
  8. Running it in Returnil for the past few hours no problems yet,it opens all my pages fine. Nice simple clean and fast browser.
  9. Depends on how bad your data is fragmented on your drive or drives,I have seen some take all day. Mine took me about 2 hours the first time around but now it like five or ten minutes. I consolidated both my drives first then defragmented them,I only use about 1/3 of each drive so I keep my date all out to the outer edge of the disc.
  10. Well the system requirements are at least a Intel? Pentium? II 450MHz or faster processor (or equivalent) and 128 mb or ram. It also crashes IE7,Firefox & Netscape so its not browser specific. This is a low end processor to in this system so I'm thinking it just can't handle it.
  11. Well I have tried everything still no go as long as flash isn't installed everything is fine once installed you go to a flash site and IE 6 crashes,I have it installed on my personal computer a home built one thats five years old no problems. It see from doing a Google search I'm not the only one having this problem, I formatted the HD did a clean install of XP did a fresh install of all the updates,it makes no difference if I install flash it crashes the browser. Not sure if this would be a problem but I'm working on a Compaq with a Intel Celeron 2.5 GHz. processor With 376 Mb or ram.
  12. Well for the first time today I have not been able to install and use Flashplayer,I installed it on a new frresh install of XP and on a total upgrade to Ser Pak 3 and it crashes IE 6,7 and firefox I have tried everything I have read on here and on the Adobe site and nothing works. Anyone know whats up.
  13. I should have been more clear I uninstalled it using my Utool uninstall tool. When it restarted Firefox its removed,then I just installed the newest build its a great little tool. Uninstall Tool 1.6.6 (last freeware version) http://www.aplusfreeware.com/categories/util/uninst.html
  14. Working fine for me,using Firefox/ and SiteAdvisor ver. 26.6 build 6274 I uninstalled the old version first restarted Firefox and installed the new one then restarted Firefox and it worked fine. I use WOT also
  15. Vista isn't worth the trouble,your can run XP on an old machine or a new one and everything work with it. Allot of people that I know that run Vista hate it can't half use it and can't find a thing on it,plus it a RESOURCE HOG to boot. You couldn't give it to me to run on my PC's
  16. I had it used it runs about as slow and as long as AVG 8
  17. PDF Downloader Version 2.0 Extension It needs a little work to improve the quality hopefully that will come with time. http://www.pdfdownload.org/whats_new.html The new release of PDF Download is better than ever! Now you can quickly and easily convert your Web pages into high-quality PDFs that are ideal for archiving, printing and sharing.
  18. I have Returnil Virtual System installed on my PC and use it when I'm trying out new software ie the Foxfire 3 browser I installed it and it was pretty fast compared to Ver. 2 but allot of the add-ons,themes have not been update as of yet. After playing around with it for awhile and deciding I wasn't quiet ready to take the Ver. 3 plunge,I just rebooted my system and I was back to using Ver. 2 like nothing had happened. If you don't have Returnil you can just use add and remove to uninstall 3 reinstall Ver. 2 and use your FEBE restore option backup to set Ver. 2 back to where it was before depending on if you have auto backup turned on with FEBE or you have done a recent manual backup. It functioned fine on my system just wasn't able to use my add-ons at this time,I will probably just give ita month or two and try it out again.
  19. I'm using the HD method at the moment I downloaded a few simple programs that I already have on my system to test it out with. I installed them from the Virtual HD onto my system with protection on and as expected they were gone once I rebooted. I also sent myself a couple emails of different types text,text with attachments etc. from my gmail account and opened them up with the protection on. I left one in the inbox and saved another to the save box and also saved it as a file on the Virtual drive. Once I rebooted all traces of the original two emails were gone from my system but the one I saved on the VD was still there and I could either transfer it to a folder or open it up with my systems mail program. Email is not a problem for me but I know some people just cant resist opening up every email they get. Pretty cool program
  20. Anthony,So any files.apps etc. that are saved in the Virtual Partition installed and tested and found to be safe can be transfered to the regular HD for installation or a folder of your choice. Just curious if you open email with the protection turned on is the email lost one you boot out of the system or can you save it as a file to the Virtual Drive to view it later.
  21. I downloaded it and tried it yesterday wouldn't even make it past half my host files before it stopped and quit and said scan complete,that was on full system scan. I never had a program ever do that before. It's still a POS.
  22. res45

    SP3 question.

    I don't do MS updates anymore via there web site I get mine from here. http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/index.html
  23. Some Taiyo Yuden disc. http://www.rima.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?...ategory_Code=TY
  24. Well I want say I'm in love with the new AVG 8, but I been able to tweak out a few of the things I didn't like so far so good on that,none of the update have reverted it back. As for the update time on program & virus database I set them intentionally to run while I'm on the PC the first week I used it. My info pop up boxes have been right on the money all week long,and the scheduled scan time has also started right on time each day also. I just checked prior to this post and all my set times for updates and scan are still as I set them.
  25. I installed SP3 yesterday it went pretty smooth,only real problem I encountered was it screwed up my uxtheme patch and reverted back to the old windows XP theme but I found the new patched_uxtheme_for_XP_sp3 and got it all back like before. I didn't uninstall IE7 before doing so I hardly ever use it anyways. Honestly if I could take IE off my PC entirely I would never miss it.
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