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  1. Here's what I use: Avast! Anti-Virus - Main Defense against Viruses. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Secondary Protection. Run this about every 2 weeks or so. Superantispyware - Main Anti-spyware solution I use. It's very dependable and finds things that Malwarebytes might miss (along with Avast). Spybot Search and Destroy - Secondary. I usually just update the database for protection against spyware. I scan it too ab out the same time as SAS Comodo Firewall - Just the firewall, I don't use the other features. Works fine. Have not had virus issues since I was about 18 or so. Bi-week
  2. Easiest thing would be to reload the system as Hazel has already suggested. If you don't have the Recovery Disks/Recovery Partition on the system, you can do it the long way: Delete the user account and create a new one. Use CCleaner to remove unnecessary files and Programs. 1. Create a new account first, log into that new account and delete the old account. You can find information on how to manage accounts on this Microsoft Support Page. 2. Once you do that, run CCleaner from the new account (or get it installed if you don't see it). You can remove programs using the Tools options and
  3. It's quite possible that McAfee might be the cause of your increasingly longer scans. I have seen odd problems caused by McAfee (such as slow perfomrance due to expired our out of date anti-virus program itself). Also, after scanning dozens of computers with Super Anti-Spyware I found the following affects it's speed too: 1. If real-time protection is running in the background while you're doing a scan with SuperAntispyware). 2. How much stuff you have on your machine. More stuff = slower times. 3. The state of the hard drive. I've seen things like Norton 360 and co. with it's "
  4. The same thing happened to me: I was a kid and I had not had my eyes checked in like 8 to 10 years.
  5. The only problem I see if that Firefox acts odd when downloading certain kinds of files. Like I tried to download an EXE file and it downloaded, but the download did not...download right.
  6. Nice one. Does this update actually include any new updates, or does this just include new patches and updates from previous updates?
  7. Not quite what I was looking for, but it's one of the good alternatives for Windows Volume Control.
  8. I heard with Windows Vista you have a volume control that control volumes of different things. If you are playing a game you can turn the volume down for that game only using Vista's volume control settings (without lowering the master volume). So, I was wondering does anyone know about a program that does the same thing for Window XP? Thanks for a response.
  9. I run a 256 MB of RAM PC so you can imagine how badly FF would impact my own system . The odd thing is I never noticed how much of a memory hog it could be until people started saying it was.
  10. "Thought I'd mention, as I think hotdog means, that you can read a CD with one drive, and copy and burn at the same time to your other drive." I see... I probably could do that, but I wouldn't because it's nearly pointless (to me) to do so.
  11. I would guess that turning on your modem's firewall would protect the modem itself. If you aren't sure, maybe you should call up your ISP and ask them about it. From what I understand, if you have two or more firewalls turned on it they can conflict one another and cause problems. Based on this, you should probably either use Windows Firewall or the Modem's firewall (although there's no guarantee the modem's firewall will protect your PC) not both at the same time.
  12. I don't use both CD drives at the same time. Only one drive can read and burn while the other one just reads. Indeed, a good cd will help. Andavari gave good advance when it came to what kind of CD I should avoid.
  13. Did your keyboard explode? I bet you were trying to make a thermonuclear bomb with it.
  14. Thank you guys for the info. I will stay away from Taiwanese CD-R/CD-RW, Andavari. I will try ashampoo and get back to you, Dennis. EDIT: Ashampoo was flawless. Thank you for suggesting this burn software. Again, everyone, thank you for your help. In response to Hotdoge I am not sure what you're asking. I think Andavari addressed the issue why the computer I was running would lock up: the burning software I was using sucked up more CPU. The CPU may have an impact on what I can burn, but I never had problems burning Data DVD's with this same RAM amount. "...256 MB ram 2
  15. I tried what you suggest, but it did not solve the burning problem. On the other hand, it solved another problem I've been having. I have CD drives: one that burns and the other that reads only. Your suggestion fixed the problem I was having with the reading CD drive: the drive would lock up my computer every time I tried to read a CD in that tray. I am starting to think that the burn software is at fault. I mean, I've been able to burn with Windows Media Player without a problem, but when I tried burning software (like BurnAware and CD Burner XP) it's like the program sucked up all system
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