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  1. hm, seems Unchecky can be useful ... thx ;o) https://unchecky.com/changelog
  2. DO-IT-YOURSELF-SEMI-PORTABLE-PROFILES-OPTION: It don't need Portable Apps for making FF portable - he's simply portable with Profiles in the Firefox folder. (the Profilemanger is a on board option). I use this method (and multiple profiles) for Years ... Firefox Downloads in 32-bit OR/AND 64-bit (many languages) ... https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/ # Rename to Firefox Setup 52.8.1esr.exe.ZIP # Unpack the core folder - rename it to e.g. Firefox. # Create an empty folder with a Profilename e.g. My52 and then (attention: adapt the standard-paths direct into the firefox folder) ... (e.g. create a link to the firefox.exe and then add firefox.exe -P (or -p or -ProfileManager = any of them should work) https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles?redirectlocale=en-US&redirectslug=Managing+profiles OR https://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Firefox-Profile
  3. Me too ... ^^ https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/52.8.1esr/ https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/releases/
  4. ah, that's a good Way for me (on XP) - thanks
  5. Related theme anno 2018 ... HowTo disable the phone home activities from CCleaner (Freeware) whitout Firewall ? ''Inform me of Updates'' is unchecked, BUT this phonehome adresses are active on every start online ... http://www.google-analytics.com http://www.ccleaner.com https://www.ccleaner.com thank You
  6. Hmm, ''overscripted'' Forumsoftware? Anyway, I try the site-search, to find the Portable Versions http://www.piriform.com/search?q=portable
  7. ^L^

    April Desktop

    My brave, old (XP) machine - 9 Years young ... wallpaper: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabati_Baba_Teḱe
  8. Thank You, I,ll try it next Time - this time Restoration made the job -> emptied all Partitions! (Only the Outlook Express emails.zip from Recuva is now visible). PS: The Restoration overwrites are empty - no ZZZ....ZZZ like AntiRecovery http://deu.moo0.com/software/AntiRecovery (but not bad as complementary tool - and ''inspiration'' ... mayhaps? ;o) cheers
  9. Hi, (sorry my poor english?) FAQ: Is there a Chance for an Option to clean only the deleted Files-List in the MFT? On my PC there is a bunch of filenames and they are not deletable with Recuva ... PS: I now checked the Oldie-Tool Restoration 3.2.13 for that - it works fine, clean/removes all names - but in slowmotion. my regards
  10. Yes, nice Clue! This would be a VERY useful Option : Sorting & Defragging prefered Folders true a personal ''Favorites of Folder List'' (?) to move to -> Front/End (of the Drive, Partition or forward/behind the other Files). cheers
  11. "D:\@1\@sys\=clean=\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe" /debug PS: Hi, anyway - it seems there's no error - more a "feature" of CCleaner (on my "odd-named" System?) - it's OK. for me - thx!!!
  12. Hi, +) I use the portable Version since years. I found the CCleaner attitude occasionaly, I think that an older version 3.04 ? does not have that behaviour. +) It's an customized (unattend.txt) slipstream install from 2004 - with no problems to present day.
  13. Hi, I download since years ONLY from your site. O.K. i reload and test the actual version - and - the folder creating is continuous, when CCleaner is start cleaning. The UserData\index.dat is NOT deletable when CCleaner run - the empty folders are deletable. After closing CCleaner - the UserData-Folder + index.dat are erasable. EDIT: Test with the WhoLockMe Tool ...
  14. Hello, folks At my system (XP SP3) everytime I start CCleaner to work, he creates the folder UserData (index.dat + 4 subfolders) in my Profile. Why? resp. Is there a way to stop this attitude? thx & cheers
  16. +) Drag & Drop Feature for the Folders & Files works for me! -> Many Thanks! =) Since you have located the folder..no reason to copy to the clipboard..just drop it into the include box. +) "My wish": And a "Test-before-Option" - like in the good old IE Privacy Keeper http://www.browsertools.net/IE-Privacy-Keeper/man_files.html cheers
  17. Yes! that would be a smart feature. cheers
  18. Hi, I think it's usal, say, when a Cluster is shared with normal files. On my drive too ... bye
  19. In this situation, it would't be a "Fix" to take -> [Yes]
  20. hm - how many partitons do You have? One Big? I think that slows down any Operation. At 1 TB I would't use min. 3 to 4 primary Partitions. cheers BTW: The older Version of JKDefrag64 http://kessels.biz/JkDefrag (+ JKDefragStarter Commandline-Generator http://thommy88.th.funpic.de/jkdefragstarter-11-29.html can be fast. (The newer MyDefag is IMHO "un-handy").
  21. I goe d'accord - PLUS the Option: "To End of the Disk" cheers & kind regards ^L^
  22. hm... I think defraggler "grabs" the MFT Files too often - an Option to keep away from that Files where be a good thing. Also an exclude option for Files with no extension like in a local CDDB (Music Database). sorry my poor english cheers BTW: I use JKdefrag 3.36 & JKDefragStarter 1.18.2 completive - on the same Partition with the Option "Move to END of Disk" he is quite faster (I think without the movement of the MFT Files?). While Defraggler hangs for several minutes at 100% CPU Load at the same Function/Drive.
  23. ^L^


    Yes! "CClean" the Spambots in this Forum! ;o]
  24. Yes - I agree with - THAT would't be an handy option! Anyway - my thanks again to the Defraggler-Team for this smart Tool! cheers
  25. Hmhm - "Idea" for a Combination between Defraggler & Recuva - Introduce in Recuva a graphical Interface like this with Selecting, Click & Search Option - More functionallity for the graphical Block View (Clusterviewer) select more than one Block (for both) - Select Blocks and Drag&Drop to a Free Space or another Partition (for both) - Different Color Option for all Filetypes (for both) - Show recovery/deleted Files in Graphic Viewer ON/OFF (for both) cheers
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