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  1. hm, seems Unchecky can be useful ... thx ;o) https://unchecky.com/changelog
  2. DO-IT-YOURSELF-SEMI-PORTABLE-PROFILES-OPTION: It don't need Portable Apps for making FF portable - he's simply portable with Profiles in the Firefox folder. (the Profilemanger is a on board option). I use this method (and multiple profiles) for Years ... Firefox Downloads in 32-bit OR/AND 64-bit (many languages) ... https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/ # Rename to Firefox Setup 52.8.1esr.exe.ZIP # Unpack the core folder - rename it to e.g. Firefox. # Create an empty folder with a Profilename e.g. My52 and then (attention: adapt the standard-paths direct into the firefox folder) ... (e.g. create a link to the firefox.exe and then add firefox.exe -P (or -p or -ProfileManager = any of them should work) https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles?redirectlocale=en-US&redirectslug=Managing+profiles OR https://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Firefox-Profile
  3. Me too ... ^^ https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/52.8.1esr/ https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/releases/
  4. ah, that's a good Way for me (on XP) - thanks
  5. Related theme anno 2018 ... HowTo disable the phone home activities from CCleaner (Freeware) whitout Firewall ? ''Inform me of Updates'' is unchecked, BUT this phonehome adresses are active on every start online ... http://www.google-analytics.com http://www.ccleaner.com https://www.ccleaner.com thank You
  6. Hmm, ''overscripted'' Forumsoftware? Anyway, I try the site-search, to find the Portable Versions http://www.piriform.com/search?q=portable
  7. ^L^

    April Desktop

    My brave, old (XP) machine - 9 Years young ... wallpaper: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabati_Baba_Teḱe
  8. Thank You, I,ll try it next Time - this time Restoration made the job -> emptied all Partitions! (Only the Outlook Express emails.zip from Recuva is now visible). PS: The Restoration overwrites are empty - no ZZZ....ZZZ like AntiRecovery http://deu.moo0.com/software/AntiRecovery (but not bad as complementary tool - and ''inspiration'' ... mayhaps? ;o) cheers
  9. Hi, (sorry my poor english?) FAQ: Is there a Chance for an Option to clean only the deleted Files-List in the MFT? On my PC there is a bunch of filenames and they are not deletable with Recuva ... PS: I now checked the Oldie-Tool Restoration 3.2.13 for that - it works fine, clean/removes all names - but in slowmotion. my regards
  10. Yes, nice Clue! This would be a VERY useful Option : Sorting & Defragging prefered Folders true a personal ''Favorites of Folder List'' (?) to move to -> Front/End (of the Drive, Partition or forward/behind the other Files). cheers
  11. "D:\@1\@sys\=clean=\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe" /debug PS: Hi, anyway - it seems there's no error - more a "feature" of CCleaner (on my "odd-named" System?) - it's OK. for me - thx!!!
  12. Hi, +) I use the portable Version since years. I found the CCleaner attitude occasionaly, I think that an older version 3.04 ? does not have that behaviour. +) It's an customized (unattend.txt) slipstream install from 2004 - with no problems to present day.
  13. Hi, I download since years ONLY from your site. O.K. i reload and test the actual version - and - the folder creating is continuous, when CCleaner is start cleaning. The UserData\index.dat is NOT deletable when CCleaner run - the empty folders are deletable. After closing CCleaner - the UserData-Folder + index.dat are erasable. EDIT: Test with the WhoLockMe Tool ...
  14. Hello, folks At my system (XP SP3) everytime I start CCleaner to work, he creates the folder UserData (index.dat + 4 subfolders) in my Profile. Why? resp. Is there a way to stop this attitude? thx & cheers
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