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  1. I'm uncertain as to whether this is a Ccleaner issue or a Firefox one. Used to be that after I ran Ccleaner, if I'd go to the Firefox address bar and type the letter e, I might get a suggestion in the address bar, but it would always be a site starting with the letter e that was already in my Bookmarks. Once I'd been surfing for a while, then if I typed the letter e, eBay.com would invariably pop up in the address bar, if I'd been there in that session. Same goes for amazon.com with the letter a, or my company's name if I typed-in the first letter, all because I'd visited those sites since
  2. This pertains to free versions of Ccleaner under Windows 10; Ccleaner set for 1 overwrite. I run Ccleaner every few days, and get quite a pile of cleaned file reports. Then if I run Ccleaner again, I get a new report of a relatively few additional files that have been purged. A third consecutive run may show some thumbnail files, but by then things appear to be well cleaned. Is this typical, and should Ccleaner need to be run a couple of times to catch everything that's listed to be cleaned?
  3. This pertains to any free version of Ccleaner under Windows 10. Each time I run Ccleaner, I get reports of files cleaned from MS Edge and MS Internet Explorer. I never use these programs, yet they accumulate a good number of files that Ccleaner tells me have been 'cleaned.' Does this simply mean that my Firefox browser is stuffing data into file space usually used by the unused browser programs, or is something going on that shouldn't?
  4. Thanks, all. Ccleaner does start instantly when I have the Internet connection turned off. Only when it is able to communicate does Ccleaner hesitate until just after a short flurry of messaging. I forgot to say that I'm running Vista/64, although I don't think that makes a difference. And that box to check for updates is not checked.
  5. I just noticed: when I start Ccleaner, I can't immediately hit the 'Run Cleaner' button. I have to wait until it turns pale blue benenath my cursor. I also notice that this doesn't happen until some back-and-forth communication goes on between the Ccleaner program and the Internet. Is Ccleaneer 'phoning home,' and if so, for what? I do not have the box checked for the program to check for updates, so what's it doing, anyway? Thanks!
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