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  1. The user may be referring to Hotfix Uninstallers. If you are using Vista, that would explain why you don't see the option. When used in XP, all Hotfix Uninstallers are removed at this time. Source: http://docs.piriform.com/ccleaner/ccleaner...d-windows-files
  2. If a person wants to stop the insanity, they have a chance to succeed. One usually has to hit a personal rock bottom to reach out for help. Here's one thing you may want to consider.
  3. I haven't been looking at the desktops lately. I now see your first post is the same. Looks nice.
  4. Hey razz, if you got that wallpaper at DesktopNexus they're having a problem detecting the proper screen resolution. After you click on enlarge wallpaper or download, click on option and choose the correct resolution. Edit by Jamin4u: My bad, I had the zoom on my browser set to 125%.
  5. IMO the best place to get Wallpaper. http://www.desktopnexus.com/
  6. Check out the links at the bottom for more interesting sites. http://lifehacker.com/
  7. I wanted to appear somewhat desperate for some new sites to check out. It appears that my trolling caught one. Thanks Corona, I'll take a look at your suggestion. Thanks JDPower, I had a problem with your link. Any others?
  8. I failed to mention that I'm using IE8.
  9. Yes, I'm having the same problem with thumbnails uploaded to this forum.
  10. One of mine is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Please check sites before posting and keep it clean. http://www.siteadvisor.com/analysis/
  11. I always compact all folders manually before backing up. So I don't hit the 100 default either.
  12. That's what I meant. Source: http://www.oehelp.com/OETips.aspx#2
  13. Hi gslc, Would the tech care to share some facts on how that conclusion was made? The .dbx files in Outlook Express can become corrupted by e-mail Anti-Virus programs. When this happens the data in the inbox that the VirusScan program corrupted is deleted. If you are pre XP SP2 then Background Compaction may be the problem. It's turned off by default with SP2. Since SP2 files are periodically compacted by Outlook Express, if the process is interrupted then all data can become corrupted and lost. I saw this happen on my sisters computer, she lost the inbox and folder content.
  14. If you want the portable version, you can find it here.
  15. I use the slim version myself. (No Toolbar) Have a look at the Piriform Documentation site for more info. (see the link below)
  16. Hi fraggletooth, and welcome to the forum. Just thought I would recommend that you update to the latest version of CCleaner v2.21.940 . You can find it here.
  17. Saving the ini file does save the list of cookies to keep. You can view the ini file by opening it and scrolling down to cookies to save =. Here's a comprehensive article on how to export and import favorites and cookies in IE. I'm sure that Firefox and other browsers have similar methods.
  18. When you saved your ini file, you were saving the settings of CCleaner and not the actual cookies.
  19. I think they know since DennisD, Andavari and TwistedMetal posted on this topic. BTW this is a first for me on this forum and I hope its the last.
  20. I wish I had checked the forum before I sent my e-mail address. Now my inbox is flooded with little blue pill ads. HaHaHa!
  21. Your situation sounds similar to another user that was able to find the list of cookies to delete on another drive. CCleaner does access other drives with the new wipe free space option. I'm trying to determine if there is a bug of some kind. If your backup drive shows up in Options > Settings > Wipe Free Space drives, and you have a backup with cookies on it this may be where the list is coming from. Please read posts 14 through 17. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=140915
  22. Do you have another drive with cookies on it?
  23. The only ways I know of CCleaner being able to access other drives, is through the include option and the new wipe free space option that was implemented in February. If you want to you could exclude C:\*.* drive to avoid any future problems. Options > Exclude > Add Folder > Select C drive then click OK. The problem may be the way you've set up your drives as well as a change in CCleaner. The main thing is that your happy. Nice work!
  24. Vista Clears the Start > Run info immediately without any type of restart.
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