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  1. As far as I know, CCleaner will only analyze and clean the drive and operating system it is installed on like C drive. Did you empty that folder to see if that clears your cookies to delete list? Some users use the options > include to custom clean files and folders on other drives keeping in mind this is an advanced option and should be used with caution.
  2. Yes that is correct, it contains all of your settings = true or false, cookies to save and so on. "CCleaner Configuration settings" I see your using the latest version of CCleaner "2.21.940". Yet you have winreg and winsys in your CCleaner folder. This change took place 25 versions ago.
  3. You could try a reinstall. First save all settings to INI file. Options > Advanced > Save all settings to INI file. Go to program files > CCleaner and copy the CCleaner Configurations INI file and paste it in a safe location. Uninstall CCleaner and download a new installer from http://www.ccleaner.com/download/builds I use the slim build. After install paste the INI file into the CCleaner folder.
  4. I only use IE8 which is under Cleaner > Windows > Internet Explorer > Cookies. Do you have that checked as well as Adobe Flash Player under Applications?
  5. Hi quarterp, Do the cookies show up in analyze results, and if so where? Could they be from another browser and you don't have the cookies box checked?
  6. Welcome to the forum feldsee. Flash cookies are keep there as well. You should have the box checked for Adobe Flash Player. Cleaner > Applications > Multimedia > Adobe Flash Player.
  7. If I type regedit then msconfig in the run command box, then run CCleaner with the Windows Explorer (Run in Start Menu) box checked they are cleaned. If I do the same with the Windows Explorer (Run in Start Menu) box cleared they are not cleaned. I agree with DennisD. With the box cleared the items will not be cleaned and you shouldn't have any problem using the dropdown menu. Running analyze shows 0 bytes to be removed on my PC as well. I don't think its anything to be concerned about.
  8. Welcome to the forum barnkat. If checked, clear the box for User Assist History. Cleaner > Windows > Advanced > User Assist History. Restart your computer. Right click on the start button and select properties > customize and check the number of recent programs to display then click OK > OK. Open a program like CCleaner, then check the list of recent programs in the start menu. Open another program then check the list again. Any luck?
  9. Your welcome, and I agree.
  10. Welcome to the forum IveyLeaguer. Options > Advanced > Save all settings to INI file. Copy ini file to other media.
  11. I'm glad you were able to Revo the program to oblivion. Cool biz!
  12. Welcome to the forum videotrax. No, you shouldn't use Hotfix Uninstaller. You can find some good info on CCleaner at the Docs site. (See the link below) If you have an icon in add and remove programs, you could try Revo Uninstaller to uninstall After Effects. You might want to join the Adobe After Effects forum for help if that doesn't work.
  13. After you run the cleaner, what files show up in the analyze results? Are they always the same files in the same location?
  14. Yeah, I forgot about that one. Nice pick up metalj. I like a select number of icons on my desktop to remind me to run the programs. I'm glad that you found what you were looking for. Have a look at the CCleaner guide to familiarize yourself with the program. (See link below) You can also use the search function to find information on topics that have been discussed before.
  15. Welcome to the forum CjMcC, I don't know of any way to load CCleaner at startup like you are requesting. Instead of having CCleaner as an idle process, why not try the following. What you will end up with is an icon that you double click and your done. You will see the CC icon flashing in the system tray while its running. From the Docs: 1) Right click on your desktop icon of CCleaner and copy it. 2) Right click and paste it on your desktop. 3) Right click and rename it CCleaner Auto then hit enter. 4) Right click on the CCleaner Auto icon and choose properties. Und
  16. According to the docs, the option Autocomplete Form History is for text box on a form. I have that box checked in CCleaner and don't lose passwords as stated in the warning. In order for the forms Autocomplete function to work in IE, forms needs to be checked in IE Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete.
  17. I have IE8 on Vista and XP, and can't replicate what you're describing. After running CCleaner, open IE8 and look at your history. Favorites > History > Today. The only item listed is my home page. If you're history looks the same as mine, then CCleaner is cleaning your history and recently typed URLs. And your very welcome.
  18. Hi exterra, and welcome to the forum. When you type a URL in the address bar, I think your seeing your history plus recently typed URLs since you last ran CCleaner and your Favorites. Verify you have the History and Recently Typed URLs boxes checked in CCleaner. In IE8 look at : Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete (Click Settings) Under Address bar clear the check boxes you don't want to AutoComplete. (Click OK, OK.) I personally like my favs to AutoComplete. I hope this helps.
  19. May you and your family enjoy much happiness and prosperity. I hope you held up better than these guys.....
  20. I left him a pm in February myself. I too hope that all is well, and he's back in action soon.
  21. If anyone knows anything please post it here, or pm me.
  22. Could this be the Flash Files you are seeing in the Cookies section? CCleaner v2.19.889 Improved support for Google Chrome v2. Fixed bug with IE8 cookies. Added support for Flash Cookies. Added Tool to manage System Restore Files (XP and Vista only). Added support to remove Opera Recently Typed URLs. Fixed bug which was displaying wrong Total Bytes removed. Improved exception handling. Fixed virtual function bug. Minor performance improvements.
  23. Nice work! Revo Uninstaller is a great tool and I highly recommend it. http://www.revouninstaller.com/
  24. The System Restore window takes time to populate on both my Vista and XP systems. Much longer on Vista vs XP.
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