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  1. CCleaner has detected a registry key that was not removed when you ran the uninstaller for Foxit Reader. I think it's this one: HKCU\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader You could run the Registry Cleaner to see if it finds the issue. Make the backup if you remove the item. If you really know what you're doing, you could manually edit the registry. I'm not 100% sure, so be very cautious about how you proceed.
  2. Dennis, I just tried what you suggested and it worked just fine. Pretty slick. If I may add this to your advise. The check box for save all settings to INI file needs to be checked before you can do this. Options > Advanced > Save all settings to INI file.
  3. Welcome to the forum captain321, I too have Vista and don't have hotfix uninstallers in CCleaner > Advanced. This is normal for Vista, you can find more info by using the search feature on the forum.
  4. No problem here with the Reg Cleaner. I always install the new version of CCleaner over the top of the old version. No need to uninstall.
  5. Your welcome, Augeas just gave another user some sound advise. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=134739 One thing I would add is to use Erunt to backup the registry. http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/ Using Erunt in Vista: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=125029 I personally have never had to restore the registry as a result of using CCleaner's Registry section. I find it to be non-aggressive compared to other cleaners.
  6. Hi Laser, the .reg file is saved in my documents by default. Right click on the file and select merge, then answer yes.
  7. Welcome to the forum ksiady. I would stay away from the Cleaner > Advanced section and the Registry section for now. Have a look at the CCleaner user guide to familiarize yourself with the programs functions. If you have any more questions, please post here and your questions will be answered. See the link below.
  8. Jamin4u

    quick question

    Welcome to the forum neve72. Quick answer http://docs.piriform.com/ccleaner/using-cc...free-disk-space This is a per user option. If a user has deleted sensitive information using the normal file deletion method, then this would be an option to help keep the information unrecoverable.
  9. Your welcome. Have a look at the CCleaner guide to familiarize yourself with all of it's functions. See the link below.
  10. Hi dave119, and welcome to the forum. The easiest solution would be to open CCleaner and clear the check box for Windows Defender. Cleaner > Applications > Utilities > Windows Defender If you want to exclude the folder: "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History\Results" You will need to show hidden files and folders. Tools > Folder Options > View > show hidden files and folders, click OK When your done excluding the folder, change the setting back to do not show hidden files and folders.
  11. To completely rule out a malware infection have a look here. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=20120 Do as much as you can before posting.
  12. Hi erniemink, welcome to Piriform forums. Make sure the box Recently Typed URLs is checked. Cleaner > Windows > Internet Explorer > Recently Typed URLs. Even after cleaning, when a URL is typed directly into the address bar IE will show any saved favorites. Example: If someone types the letter "A" into the address bar, IE will show any saved favorites that start with "A". AutoComplete can be turned off in Internet Explorer. Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete, click Settings > Web addresses, clear the box and click OK. This will pr
  13. Trusted alternative download site: http://majorgeeks.com/Super_d5117.html
  14. Nice place to call home!
  15. Thank you, Winner by a Hare!
  16. Hey dDaddyCool, welcome to the forum. Give Revo a try. http://www.revouninstaller.com/
  17. Look for a large file at the root of C:\ with random numbers or letters as a file name. What version of CCleaner are you using? The newest version is supposed to correct this in case of a crash.
  18. Hi Rod B, and welcome to piriform forums. I concur with Andavari regarding Erunt. It has come in handy many times for me. If you can navigate to the .reg backup file for CCleaner, try double clicking on it and select yes. The default location for the backup is My Documents. The restore will be done by Windows registry editor.
  19. I see the same message as Hazel. If I hover over "Enter" it shows javascriptover18 in the status bar. It's a pop up for an adult live webcam website.
  20. Hi noels7, and welcome to Piriform forums. At this time, there isn't any setting so the icon remains in the tray at startup. You may want to have a look at the CCleaner guide for more information. See the link below:
  21. The site's been down for at least six hours now.
  22. Here's another free alternative with lots of features. http://picasa.google.com/
  23. Apparently they just link you to Adobe. Adobe does have an Affiliate Program. They may just be trying to capture your name and Email address.
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