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  1. OK, let's say that Lolwut? got in the last word. I'm sure there will be warnings and maybe even privileges revoked for this exchange. Why not stop here and call it a draw.
  2. I'm sure when a Moderator reads this there will be some action taken. Would you all refrain from continuing this useless exchange of words. Thank you
  3. In addition to Andavari's advice, you could run analyze then look for the items being removed.
  4. Hi Figaro, Sure you can, just as others have. I'd like to see it myself because I have both XP and Vista. All we can do from here is to wait and see if it shows up in a new version of CCleaner. If it was easily done, I'm sure we would have seen it in XP at the same time as Vista.
  5. Also discussed in this topic.
  6. I think this is done so if someone installs a new version on top of the old version, custom scripts created by the user won't be lost. You would think there would be some other way of doing that since you end up with two folders in program files.
  7. Glad you got back the space that you needed Torgny. This is to much space consumed by restore points for any size HD. If you haven't already, you might want to change the setting on system restore to use less space. For anyone who needs the space, this is a good space saving tip. It's up to you how much Windows uses. Right click on my computer -> properties -> system restore -> slide bar to the desired space then click OK.
  8. Try running Chkdsk with both boxes checked.
  9. Jamin4u

    Yahoo Toolbar

    Hi teachmoore, and welcome to the forum. I just downloaded the file with the Yahoo toolbar, and the last checkbox would allow me to choose not to install it. Since you don't want the toolbar try the slim build, you can find it here.
  10. Try using Windows Disk Cleanup to refresh the free space.
  11. Installation date and size are not available on any OS before Vista. I remember someone stating this, but I don't know why they're not available.
  12. Hi cheffie9, Open Internet Explorer and delete history then close IE and run CCleaner.
  13. Have you been able to use CCleaner successfully and this is a new problem? Or, this is the first time you've used it on this system. Try deleting history from within Internet Explorer then run CCleaner again.
  14. Hi cheffie9, and welcome to the forum. That happened on my nieces Vista laptop and the computer froze. I think she was using CCleaner version 2.261050. When I updated to the latest version the problem was corrected. Maybe a coincidence, or there was a conflict with something. If your not using the latest version 2.28.1091, you can download it here.
  15. One more for you to check out is virscan.
  16. Nic did right click -> merge and it opened in notepad. It's safe to say that the file is not associated with the registry editor. After confirming that it is in fact a .reg file, it must be re-associated with the registry editor. Was I not clear in my post or am I missing something.
  17. Hi, Hover over the CCleaner backup file it should be type: Registration Entries. If not, please post back what type of file it is. If so, right click on the file and go to "Open With" and choose Registry Editer. You can select "Choose Program" and select Registry Editer then check the box "Always use this program to open this kind of file", click ok.
  18. Hello Drn363, and welcome. I think you will find your answer here. I use option 2 and only keep the cookies I need. If you use option 1, you may want to also clear the box for Adobe Flash Player. (Flash Cookies) Cleaner -> Applications -> Multimedia -> Adobe Flash Player The link below is a good source to familiarize yourself with CCleaner's functions. I hope you feel at home here with your new family.
  19. I remember someone stating that it's only available on Vista and Windows 7.
  20. Hi burlak89, and welcome to the forum. The following is available in CCleaner's Uninstall Tool for Vista and Windows 7. I don't know why it's not available for XP and before.
  21. Hi oaker47, and welcome to the forum. Right click on each section like "Internet Explorer" and select Restore default state. This can be done on both Cleaner -> Windows and Applications tabs. The link below is a good place to explore all of CCleaners functions.
  22. Hi Neilus, and welcome to the forum. CCleaner doesn't have the function to bring up a small window of information on each program in the list with details on whether it was safe to disable the program or was vital to your system. Any chance it was a different program?
  23. Hi Berny, Options -> Settings -> Wipe Free Space drives. (Select drives) Cleaner -> Advanced -> Right click on "Wipe Free Space" and select clean.
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