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  1. In CCleaner, click on the cookie to delete and look at the bottom of the screen to see the browser and or if it's a flash cookie. Do you have the appropriate boxes checked? For normal cookies. Cleaner -> Applications -> Firefox -> Cookies Cleaner -> Windows -> Internet Explorer -> Cookies For flash cookies I believe there are two locations. 1) Cleaner -> Applications -> Firefox -> Adobe Flash Player (Plugin) 2) Cleaner -> Applications -> Multimedia -> Adobe Flash Player If you can't delete them using normal methods, you could try Unlocke
  2. Hi joetronics, CCleaner doesn't have a command line to run a registry cleaning. Here's a link to the command-line parameters that the program does offers. This is a note from the bottom of the page...
  3. Don't know if this would be useful to anyone, but here's a post of mine on ERUNT.
  4. Nice Post! Adding ERUNT to where you reference backing up the registry in tips would be a nice addition.
  5. I don't use the Google Toolbar, but I found a on how to clear and prevent search history for the toolbar. This may be useful until someone who can help with your request comes along. If your using a beta version of 6, that may explain the lack of support for it.
  6. CCleaner will only clean the user account that it's run on. It will not clean all users simultaneously. When installed, CCleaner will add a desktop shortcut and a start menu shortcut for the current profile only. Copy the CCleaner desktop shortcut and paste it in the following folders. To place a shortcut on the desktop of all users... XP: Documents and Settings/All Users/Desktop Vista: Users/Public/Public Desktop (Hidden Folders) To place a shortcut in the start menu (All Programs) of all users... XP: Documents and Settings/All Users/Start Menu Vista: Program Data/Microso
  7. Did you run the Wipe Free Space feature of CCleaner? If so, look for a large file at the root of your operating system with a long alpha numeric name. When the process is interrupted, the file is not deleted. I believe this has been corrected in more current versions of CCleaner.
  8. Thanks to you MrG and the Piriform staff. I really like the specs the App has to offer.
  9. I will be installing it this weekend as I am swamped with work right now. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. Software Want to recommend some software? Or do you need help with your existing software? Really didn't want to join a forum just for a few simple questions. Thank you for your replies.
  11. 1) Do you still have to uninstall the old version and loose your configuration settings to install the new version? 2) When I tried it in May of 2008, I had problems on two XP systems with it crashing explorer. Has anyone else had this problem then or now? Edit: Explorer crashing may have been caused by Comodo Firewall not fully uninstalling all remnants of the program.
  12. Avira is still my choice of Anti-Virus. I've had some problems getting updates on both XP and Vista. When I feel the need, a manual update is painless and only takes a few minutes if you have DSL or better.
  13. They take the weekend off. Really, they do...No kidding...
  14. @SkyWired, Its funny that I just suggested ERUNT to you because it just saved me today. I rarely use it, but I'm always glad I have it. System restore failed to restore my laptop today due to an error. I used ERUNT to restore the registry to this mornings backup and bam, I was good. It's very easy to use and you won't even know it's there until you need it. Just a few helpful hints... 1) When installed, allow the program to autobackup at startup. I shutdown at night, and the next day when I startup the backup is created. (Windows Vista users see note at the end of this post)
  15. Hi Nitram, and welcome to the forum. I believe that CCleaner looks for Paint.NET Here... HKCU\Software\Paint.NET
  16. Malwarebytes is totally trustworthy, and is one of the best applications for malware detection and removal. When you remove the selected objects found, they are quarantined and can be restored from the quarantine tab. Always update before scanning, and it's recommended to use the quick scan because it will do a very thorough job. Here's a great program to back up the registry. http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/ If you need help with an infection, visit the Spyware Hell section of the forum. Read and do as much as you can in the pinned "Before you post". http://forum.p
  17. The following is advice from the Tech at work. Download Ubuntu which is a free operating system by Linux. http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download Burn the ISO image file to a CD. http://filehippo.com/download_imgburn/ Leave CD in drive and reboot. The Ubuntu program offers the option of using the operating system as a demo directly from the CD, without an installation or change to the computer settings. Once booted up into the Ubuntu operating system, go to "Places" in the top menu bar and delete any file or folder at will. Use with care because you can delete without
  18. @marmite/Thanks Works like a charm and will come in handy. @Skywired I thought we should rule out some more easy fixes. 1) Drag and Drop to Desktop and delete. 2) Cut and Paste to Desktop and delete. 3) Sometimes memory can hold on to a file or folder even if rebooted. Shutdown your pc and wait two minutes, then startup and try to delete the folder. 4) Defrag 5) chkdsk 6)How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP Are you still there Skywired?
  19. This one glows in the dark.
  20. I haven't used command-line much so this is a learning curve for me. I extracted the PendMoves folder to Program Files. Opened a command window (Run as Admin for Vista) cd "\Program Files\" C:\Program Files>cd Pendmoves C:\Program Files\Pendmoves>pendmoves.exe This worked for Pendmoves. Can you give me an example for MoveFile? Do I need navigate to folders or show a path? 1) To move a file. 2) To delete a file. TIA
  21. JRE 6 Update 17 This release contains fixes for one or more security vulnerabilities. http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp
  22. Makes sense now that I understand I need to run the command-line app through a command window.
  23. The command-line window just flashes open & closed. Must not be Vista compatible given the release date of "Published: November 1, 2006". Thanks again
  24. How do you use PendMoves v1.1 and MoveFile v1.0. Are they Vista compatible? Thanks for WhyReboot thats a cool little app. that will come in handy.
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