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  1. Hi spring, and welcome to the forum. I believe you would want to clear the box for one of these two. Cleaner -> Windows -> Windows Explorer -> Recent Documents Cleaner -> Applications -> Applications -> Office 2003
  2. Hi Smilie face, and welcome to the forum. After logging in at sites like your email, close your browser. Open CCleaner and select the cookies you want to keep for the site. Options -> Cookies-> Cookies to Delete (Move to -> ) Cookies to Keep.
  3. Thanks Alan, So, the "Only delete files in Windows Temp Folder older than 24 hours" is in place for the instances that Windows will delete a file even if its in use. The box is there for the times you need to empty the folder for what ever reason. I'm going to leave the box checked just in case a program is using a file.
  4. Thats a good question Nergal, and I wonder if you're correct? Why does CCleaner have the option "Only delete files in Windows Temp Folder older than 24 hours"? If a file was in use, wouldn't it be locked by Windows and not deleted?
  5. Should I keep the box checked for "Only delete files in Windows Temp Folder older than 24 hours"? I understand that... Isn't it true that this is a place that Malware likes to hide? Any thoughts?
  6. This is from a program that finds empty folders.
  7. Hi vvv63vvv, and welcome to the forum. I believe the info comes from your ISP. I just went to msnbc and it showed the location of my ISP's service location for my area.
  8. Hi, You can find the information on Hotfix Uninstallers here. Many use this feature if they need the space, and are sure they don't need to uninstall any MS updates because of problems.
  9. Welcome to the forum Dude. You can download the latest version of CCleaner here. I use the slim build-No Toolbar. Keep an eye on the anouncements section of the forum, or go to piriform.com for the latest news on Piriform software.
  10. Hi, You'll need to reboot before the run command box is cleared in XP. When CCleaner is run in Vista, the box is cleared immediately.
  11. Hi LarryT, and welcome to the forum. No problems here with Vista Home Premium and CCleaner version v2.27.1070. You could save all settings to INI file and do a clean install. If you want to download an older version, you can find them here. Keep in mind that with each new version of CCleaner, there are bug fixes and support for new programs, browsers and operating systems. Using an older version itself can cause certain issues to arise.
  12. If this has already been suggested or discussed. jk I like seeing the temperature range "OK (less than 50)" and the status (good) for the Hard Drive. If possible, add the temp. range and or status for the CPU. As others have stated, I also would like to see the Celsius to Fahrenheit option.
  13. The information on Wipe Free Space can be found here. Augeas just posted some good info on Wipe Free Space in this post. There's a lot of good info at the link below, please take the time to familiarize yourself with CCleaner. You'll find a search function at the top of the forum page where you can find previously asked questions. Post back if you have any more questions.
  14. Hi churin, and welcome to the forum. Have a read here regarding what CCleaner offers for secure deletion. (Scroll down to: "To change CCleaner's deletion method:") Many of us on the forum think "Simple Overwrite (1 pass)", would do the job. CCleaner has the ability to include custom files to delete and folders to empty. You can find the information here. Cheers
  15. Hi Bobbie, and welcome to the forum. Heres a thread that covers all users and shortcuts. Cheers
  16. I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue. And yes, running multiple instances of a browser is uncommon, at least as far as I know. If you are running CCleaner with the browser open, I recommend that you close all running applications first, excluding security software.
  17. Sounds like you might be on to the cause. I've never run multiple instances of a browser so I can't say for sure.
  18. I think when ident stated the following it was right on. When I clean my sisters computer after she's on Facebook, CCleaner will run for quite a while cleaning all those files and it really doesn't amount to allot of Mb's. So the more files CCleaner has to clean, the longer it will take. If you use secure delete, it will increase the time by overwriting each file.
  19. Hi suzalli, and welcome to the forum. Please list your browsers to help solve your issue.
  20. I still use it to see if any changes have happened since I added everything to the ignorelist.
  21. That brings us back to my statement: I've never used CCleaner on a computer that old, thats never been cleaned. Thank you for the heads up ident.
  22. Agreed, but I've never seen it take an hour. That seems like a long time for CCleaner to do its job.
  23. Wow, thats why I stated it depends on how old the computer is. I've pointed to your edit in my post.
  24. May I suggest that you run analyze, then double click the first line and look at the detailed results item by item. You can choose the next line with the drop down box on the detailed results page. Alternately, you can use the search box to search for itunes or music on the detailed results page. If CCleaner is listing anything from itunes that you don't want it to clean, exclude your findings in CCleaner. Run CCleaner as normal, and verify that your play list and music are still there. Please report back in an effort to help the devs as DennisD has stated.
  25. Hi Louise721, and welcome to forum. That depends on how old your computer is and its specifications, what you do with it and what maintenance has been done so far. An estimate would be not too long, but long enough. ( A couple minutes) See edit in post #3. If you want, you could run analyze and find out without actually running the cleaner. Read the documentation for CCleaner to familiarize yourself with the program. (see link below) And if your not sure about something, please ask your question on the forum before diving in. There's a search function at the top of th
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