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  1. hi people, how about a context menu editor, just like the uninstall tool which allows enable and disable context menu (items added by application etc Winzip. . . ). which also include enable and disable SendTo menu and items in the New context menu Thanks =)
  2. the "Home" button can be move =)
  3. lets assume that you install CCleaner on C: browse to C:\Program Files\CCleaner and open winapp.ini and winapp2.ini if you have using notepad (or other application of your choice). from there, you will find everything CCleaner cleans under "Applications".
  4. try this go to start menu -> Run... in the dialog box, type "control userpasswords2" without the quotes (just copy and paste)... uncheck the checkbox "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer"... and click "Apply"... once you have done that, a dialog box will prompt you to enter the username and password (the account you want to login automatically)... if you dont have a password, just leave it blank... then click "Ok"... see if it work...
  5. agumon


    should be expecting CDex 2 soon...
  6. agumon

    Feature Suggestion

    i disagree... the progress bar repeat itself when there are large amount of items to remove... due to you didnt clean your system for a long time, but if you use ccleaner to clean your system frequently, i dont think there is a need for it... after all, it will increase the cleaning time... and the progress bar repeating occur maybe only once during the first use of ccleaner...
  7. lets wait for the final release... hope it will release soon..
  8. agumon


    CDex development is starting soon... so glad that this project is not dead!! http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdexos/
  9. there are dozens of security holes out there... so not worry...
  10. agumon


    but one thing about these program i dont like is that it runs a process in the background... i guess this process is used for scheduling, and this process uses quite a bit of RAM (about 6,000K for diskeeper)... i disabled this process unless i want to defrag my disk... but if you have a lot of RAM and dont mind it sit in the background half of the time doing nothing then it shouldnt be a problem for you... the 1 in diskeeper is DkService.exe
  11. agumon


    Diskeeper 10 or Perfect Disk both work great
  12. you can further remove Windows Programs by: browsing C:\WINDOWS\inf\sysoc.inf but before that you need to allow hidden files to be displayed... backup the sysoc.inf file... then open it using notepad, do a search for the word "hide" without the quotes and delete it... make sure "match case" option is not checked... when every "hide" are deleted, then save it... now go to "Add or Remove Programs" -> "Add/Remove Windows Components", you will see extra things that can be remove... but be warned!!! do not remove anything that you are not sure of!!! that's all... you can restore the backup copy of the sysoc.inf back to C:\WINDOWS\inf
  13. maybe i should try Outpost PF too... i uninstalled ZAPF few days ago... it slow down my start up a lot... now using ICF... OUTPOST PF HERE I COME!!!
  14. i dont like the clock thing in the notification area... i prefer it is able to show both time and date...
  15. the problem should be either Windows Size/Location Cache under Windows tab and/or More Windows Explorer under Application tab (winapp2.ini) and maybe the problem is cause by other applications and/or windows settings... some programs disable the setting of Folder Views...
  16. u dont get what i am saying right...? use or no use doesnt mean they can 100% remove the files...
  17. i personally quite like IE7... not as much as FF or Opera... but some of the features are nice... i agree that the interface looks horrible... whether use in WinXP or Win2003... and is not really customizable... i dont know why the tabs are squeezing with the toolbar... Phishing Filter makes surfing very slow... maybe it is still in BETA thats why... i guess i wont need it anyway... i am not used to the Vista interface... sometime i look all over the place to find the refresh button... Features kindof impress me and not found in FF: - a close button on each tab... nice to have... but somehow it suck... when a tab is not in focus, it doesnt have the close button... i know FF have extension that add a close button on each tab... but i find it better a default feature... - Quick Tabs... view of all tabs... layout nicely in sorter view... i like this feature... hope FF have 1 in future... of coz i wont die without this... of coz... FF is still my choice... and ITS TRUE! i dont have Opera installed... i found it quite meaningless to have 3 browsers... hehe...
  18. i like it too... it remove all the animations and 'beautoful' GUI which i doesnt need... plus it do many thing to speed up my computer... all in 1 place...
  19. basically, secure file deletion may not 100% remove the files...
  20. take some time to read the beginner's guide... http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=1504 from the beginner's guide Menu Order Cache The Start menu allows you to set a custom order to the programs listed, although there's no option to sort all folders by name. Selecting this option removes any custom ordering from the Start menu. Tray Notifications Cache In Windows XP the System Tray (the set of icons next to the clock in the bottom-right corner) orders and hides items automatically for you. Whilst this is useful, it records a list of every program that has been run from the tray. This option clears the list of previous programs and removes any custom display/hide options. (Warning: This won't have any affect until you manually restart the explorer process from the Task Manager.) Window Size/Location Cache Windows Explorer stores the view formatting and ordering settings for each folder on your system. After some time, this can contain a large amount of redundant data and may even slow down browsing for files on your system. Selecting this option will clear this data and reset the Windows Explorer display settings to their default option. User Assist History The start menu on Windows XP displays a list of the most recently run programs. Selecting this option will clear this list. IIS Log Files IIS (Internet Information Server) is the service Windows uses to display web pages. This comes with most XP Pro and Windows 2000 installations and is generally only used by web developers or designers. Every time someone requests a page it gets logged to a text file. Unless the computer is a web server, these are generally not needed, and may be safely deleted. This option will safely delete these files. Custom Files and Folders Will clean your custom files and Folders that you have selected in Options, Customs. there is one more Hotfix Uninstallers... which remove the uninstallers of Windows Hotfix from your system (does it make sense to explain it this way...?)
  21. y do we need a poll on this topic... we all know the result...
  22. i use PowerArchiver... out of the 4 (7zip, IZArc, TUGzip, ZipGenius) i prefer 7Zip... simple program with a simple interface... but does the job... IZArc, a nice program but its explorer context menu doesnt suit me... i dont like it... TUGZip seems creepy to me... anyway, its *.RAR plugin crash me system... ZipGenius crash/error when i change option and press the "OK" button...
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