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All clients requesting credentials to connect


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It's my first time in this forum.

Today morning all my clients were showing a prompt for CCleaner Cloud credentials.

I received many messages from my users reporting that.

My first reaction after I checked it was a broad issue was to check for CCleaner Service Status on Google to see if there was any issue happening.

Well, there is no such page, so we can't quickly verify that and know if we just need to wait.

Then, I tried to contact CCleaner support but then found that either there is no support contact or they are so well hidden that I couldn't find a way to contact them on my CCleaner cloud account profile.

Then, there is only the Community, so I decided to post this message here to see if anyone is having the same issue and also ask if someone knows how to directly contact CCleaner Cloud support to know what is going on with them.



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  • Moderators

We are aware that there are issues with the CCleaner servers this week.

You are not the only one today to report an issue with CCleaner Cloud.

Unfortunately we are users like yourself and have no idea what is going on.

PS. I've just checked and the support pages for CCleaner Cloud have also gone down, including the contact page.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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Same thing happened to us today.  Only solution we've found is to reinstall the client, which we are going to do tomorrow.  Wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to confirm them... 20 or so computers at a time.  Which should take pretty much all day since we have ~10,000 clients.

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  • Admin

Apologies for the delay here. We have updated the CCleaner Cloud login pages with a notice about what happened a couple days ago. CCleaner Cloud users can contact our support team if they are still having trouble or need additional guidance.

Regarding the support website, the site is not down but we have a new support website for all of CCleaner which is https://support.ccleaner.com/. The old site was replaced last month.

Apologies for the massive inconvenience.

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And now they are having problems again...


All of my clients are just saying 'connecting...' and on the webpage it says 'Incorrect email address or password'


And Yes, I have cleared out all my cookies and also tried to restart the client service many times now...

Nothing helps, as this is an error on CCleaner Cloud's servers...

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  • Admin

Everyone should be able to connect okay by now. There was a error preventing connections last night but the team managed to get it resolved a few hours ago.

This was not related to this original thread, which was already resolved some time ago.

I would recommend that if any CCleaner Cloud users are having issues, please raise them directly with our Support team.

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