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EFF: RIAA Petition


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The EFF (Electronic Front Foundation) which protects peoples digital rights and privacy have a petition about RIAA if anyone is interested to sign it.


* http://www.eff.org/share/petition/


weird. i can't sign it. i'm doing everything right but i think that i've already signed the petition. if only there was a Search Function

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The RIAA and their invention of copy-protected/copy-damaged CDs is the reason my retail "audio CD" buying has diminished by probably 99% since I don't trust what I'll be buying due to packaging that can or may be deceptive. It's hard to believe I would easily go into a record store just a few years ago and spend hundreds of dollars on audio CDs, but not anymore.


The RIAA's attempts to "protect" themselves, and screw over the consumers who made their pockets fat and stuffed with too much money have backfired against the likes of me, and a few other like-minded people. If a disc doesn't have the audio CD label on it I won't buy it because I don't want a DRM'd disc that can't be ripped to audio files for usage on my own PC.

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