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  1. gunner

    The Dog Thread

    This is not my dog. I call it "Pee on you, Bill".
  2. It is in the "undecided "as to legality, and as soon as you click you have to join and pay before you can download.
  3. I just reread your post and tried to duplicate your problem with the box checked and I cannot. What version are you using? Anyone else on here have that problem?
  4. Yes, and I repeat go to options, advanced, and check" hide warning messages".
  5. A simple solution to prevent this problem is to first hide the initial partition using an application such as MBRWizard before attempting the secondary Windows installation. This will eliminate dependencies on other partitions and provide complete autonomy. Maybe.
  6. An .iso file is a self executing file, i.e. your programs, windows etc. You can run one of the supposed "registry cleaners" and get hundreds of errors on a clean well functioning system. My advice is stick with a winner.
  7. Normally, when we are "advanced", we read the "advanced" directions? Try it.
  8. It appears your boot file has been altered. Try to boot in safe mode and restore to an earlier date.
  9. Here you are:http://sourceforge.net/projects/unit-converter/
  10. .ink file extensions are associated with corel draw and other draw and imaging programs, and contain information relative to color. I would backup my images/pictures before deleting them.
  11. Maybe they can restore him to Michael J with enough reconstruction. One of his brothers commented that "he has had so much surgery Michael is not there anymore". My money is on the bug.
  12. I would begin by making sure I had the right driver, and that the sound was working in the device manager.
  13. The cheapest way is to run the windows chkdisk. At times it is able to fix corrupt data and get the drive going long enough to restore and backup the data.
  14. Here is the page at Dell. http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/...tid=&impid= you need to select your model. Sorry about the link, I could not make it clickable. Works now.
  15. Right click in the device manager and select" update driver." Which dell do you have?
  16. Try to boot in safe mode and restore from there. I am confused. Why are you removing programs during a scan?
  17. gunner


    A motherboard is no problem, however the cpu must match the specs/socket of the new board. I just finished making 1 from 3. one was gray, two were black. All parts were interchangable except the cpu's.
  18. gunner

    Second Try

    How much free space on your drive? Try about 20% and it will {maybe} work.
  19. The bat looks like Dracula with a hangover.
  20. "Cleaned registry and disabled lots of stuff in start up" is scary, especially the "lots of stuff". Could you have disabled something you need?
  21. Father "Speedo" blessing the fleet.
  22. Humpty get's the attaboy. It is truly sneaky and easy to fall for. How do I know? I did it once.
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