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  1. I think it's because of the Energizer Bunny, keeps going and going and going and going....
  2. users with paid subscriptions are also having troubles with the updates for a Vista machine, not just the free version. and, just like what i went through before adding a registry value i did not get the initial DB update.
  3. i downloaded AntiVir a few days ago onto my new Vista machine and was disappointed, kinda. the updates both manual and automatic did not work. i browsed around the AntiVir forums and found a work around, seems as though i'm not the only one who had the update problems. Vista update problems-AntiVir forums
  4. Monkey Proof


    hmm, i'm willing to bet that you got something from myspace. that place is evil in many ways....thats why i deleted my account long ago, and i didnt want to be ascociated with anything to do with myspace...you know, giving my carreer field.
  5. Monkey Proof


    gotta learn to stay away from them gremlin porn sites!
  6. go here and set up your account, once in you can view veiw all of their downloadable stuff available for your phone my.t-moblie.com
  7. Monkey Proof


    oh...i thought the topic was Raunchy, not Launchy
  8. depending on your wireless provider, you can download ringtones straight into your phone from the providers web site. who's the provider anyways?
  9. and spyware doctor has proven to be crap anyways..almost earning a spot on Eric Howes anti-spyware list of rogue applications for dubious practices concerning the numerous false positives...scare tactics
  10. i never downloaded Site Advisor it self..i just visit their home page when needed and enter whatever URL into the search block thingy. also i heard that if you actualy have it installed it phones home to McAfee with every web site that you visit. to me thats just too much into my business.
  11. i think for my purposes having FireFox and Adblock Plus with the Filter G is good enough. if i need to visit a questionable website i'll visit McAfee's SiteAdvisor first and type in the URL just to check it out.
  12. oh?..doesnt take any extra resources?...hmm, now i might be interested...but just a little. i think i'll do more research on host files.
  13. the only browser i use is FireFox so i'm not concerned about having host files.
  14. fixed! i upgraded to Adblock plus and no more google ads.....thanks Tarun for the link
  15. errrrr!! i must find this host file topic of his
  16. its a toshiba laptop banner powered by google ads. i noticed that i cant block anything under google syndication here at ccleaner
  17. whats up with the banners that are being displayed here at CCleaner. when i try and add them to my Adblock nothing happens, even under wildcard. what am i missing?
  18. Monkey Proof


    im not familair with your brand of router, in fact i never heard of it before. if you browse around the link that i provided above you can see if you can download or at least read a user manual for your router.
  19. Monkey Proof


    EDIT: haha, i didnt realize you got it...disregard this post. try using this IP: and using this for the username and password if you get that far, User Name: guest Password: guest
  20. Monkey Proof


    ok..type in into your browser and then click Go, that should bring up a page asking for a user name and password which is listed below ZSR0104CP (Grey color) User Name: admin Password: admin ZSR0104CP-05 (Blue color) User Name: guest Password: guest zonetusa
  21. Monkey Proof


    what brand is your router? you can try going to My Network Places and seeing if there is anything there, if your router is listed in a folder then terrific..click on that folder. but you will need a Username and Password to view your settings, thats why we need to know what brand your router is.
  22. here is are two quotes from Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) from the recent Senate Commerce Committee Hearings on net neutrality provisions. "I just the other day got, an internet was sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday and I just got it yesterday. Why?" "And if you don't understand those tubes can be filled and if they are filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line and its going to be delayed by anyone that puts into that tube enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material."
  23. exactly! and that was a good article to read. i think i need to start buying Google stock!
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