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  1. Yep that is essentially how mine looked originally. I will get some screenshots of mine too. My comment here is in reply to a PM, FYI.
  2. Yes, please, and thank you! I clicked on the wrong link! oops! thanks :-)
  3. It's a long shot, but maybe resetting your Recycle Bins will help? Windows 7: How To Reset the Recycle Bin On Step 2 of Pt. 2: Check your Security Settings before moving onto Step 3 Pt. 2 --> Now you’re ready to work on the Recycle Bin. 1. Select your C:\ drive (if your PC is running more than one OS, select the drive That Windows 7 was installed on). 2. Find $Recycle.Bin. R-click the Recycle Bin > Select Properties > Select the Security Tab > Select Your User Acct and/or Administrators; Confirm that Administrators and if your personal user account is listed that you also have 'Full Control Showing Under Permissions'
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I am a loyal FileZilla user.
  5. Well now we're getting fancy! LOL *bookmarked*
  6. I have a frog too!! Gosh, I've had this guy for about 8 years now. :-D
  7. What OS are you using it on? It says it is compatible up to Win7, but Win8 sometimes has to install software in Win7 compatibility mode so it still might work.
  8. I am beginning to seriously consider the possibility that there is something inherently defective with the computer itself.
  9. I have to admit partitioning, cloning, etc... has been really easy. It only took any hour to clone my OS onto a new HDD and setup. When I used Win7 I also ran a virtual XP OS (30 minute setup), so I tried to setup a virtual 7 OS with Win8 but no dice. I tried Hyper-V and VMWare; next I am going to try using EaseUs. With the virtual being so oddly complicated I can't imagine pulling off a multi-boot, LOL. Thanks for the link! Looks like a lot of good information.
  10. Yeah, I threw in my Win7 HDD and had to switch my BIOS from UEFI to Legacy Mode to access it. The new gremlin partitions are not visible from Disk Management, but they are visible using EASEUS Partition Master. They also showed up on a RogueKiller scan which prompted for a deletion of the additional partitions. I went ahead and posted it on bleepingcomputer because I have no idea what any of it means. The only thing that has changed is that I have been downloading and installing new software from portableapps.com onto my jump drive.
  11. Oh, and the ASUS Bios updates are important updates, but should wait until everything is in fact stable. You can also run the ASUS PC diagnostics tool > Select 'motherboard' from the options list http://support.asus.com/diagnosis/SelfDiagnostic.aspx?SLanguage=en If you do get to the point of flashing your BIOS, I recommend this link in place of the link provided earlier in this thread. http://www.asus.com/support/Download/14/11/CM5571/30/
  12. Sorry, just going to throw in my thoughts really quick. #1 - Address the electrical short-out issue: Unplug the PC and hold down the power button for 30-60 seconds. Then plug-in and restart. #2 - Right click your C-drive and under properties > tools choose scan and check the box to fix errors. Reboot to the start the scan. Do this a total of 3 times (you've already done it at least once). #3 - Repeat #2 with D-drive (probably won't be prompted to reboot though). #4 - Control Panel > Folder Options > View > Check the box to show hidden files and folders #5 - Now access your D-drive to see if your factory recovery files are still in place; if so get a clean copy onto an external hard drive (copy/paste). ** IF recovery files are still in place (not sure since you've been using D drive for personal files) ** #6 - Computer Management > Disc Management > Right click D-drive and select active > Reboot > Follow On Screen Factory Reset Instructions #7 - Done
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