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  1. Yea, I was about to post about this same topic too, but I see you got it here. Hope they fix it.
  2. Sorry, but I forgot to mention my system specs, I'll just show you my speccy file: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/AJ721kZjAyQ34wfZK2GSKq8 oh, and i don't know where I could find the setting for that, it doesn't show in my Recycling Bin Setting... ummm, for the first question, no, I'm not sure what version of CCleaner it use to work in, but I'll try looking and downloading it...
  3. Sorry, I've been kinda busy, ummm, yes I only have one account on the computer, so baically I have admin, plus I delete normal items like .txt files and .lua files, even folders, but nothing is being removed from it. ya, everything in the recycle bin is not being deleted, I usually have between 10 - 20 items in the recycle bin. Most of them are just 1-20 MB Files
  4. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that, when I run the CCleaner and the "Empty Recycle Bin" is check the CCleaner still doesn't clean/empty the recycle bin. This has been happening since the last update. And the problem goes for Windows XP and Windows 7.
  5. Hi all, I just wanted to suggest for grouping selections for the Cleaner Section. I think this would be a good idea because, not everyone would want to clean the same place again. Example: I want to clean history every month, so When I run the Cleaner I might forget to unselect the box or the program might run on computer start-up... instead of unselecting everything, I could enable a group and run cleaner.
  6. Hi, I just want to suggest that it would be nice to see a quick info list, like info about the memory size or screen size or something. Some people wouldn't want to look through every section for one thing they're looking for. I would like to hear your opinion to this. Thanks -Jaysds1
  7. Hi, I just wanted to suggest that it would be a great idea to make a generate a log option/button on the window, so if the person is having troubles with something and the person that asks them for details, they could send them or show them the log file. Example: Microsoft wants to know the temperature of my computer, or wants to know every single thing about my CPU or my Operating System, I could send them the file or show them the log in the file and they could know what's wrong or what I need to upgrade/update. I would really like to see it implanted. Thanks -Jaysds1
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