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  1. hey we do are part like recycle cans and cardboard but if we all do are part we can try to save the earth
  2. yea they should do it just for you
  3. i agree its pretty good
  4. devin!

    Firefox 1.5 0.5

    i agree i think they should wait too
  5. i heard somewhere thet they were about $10.00
  6. i heard they were coming out with some wireless extension cords for computers!
  7. devin!


    haha i havent had a popup yet today!!!
  8. mines mountaindew top that!!!
  9. well are first president died on my birthday Jan 31!!! BEAT THAT
  10. o ive always wanted one of those!
  11. well ive stayed up 37 hours and im only 11!!!
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