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  1. PS3

    360 vs PS3

    it was alright. but i disagree with it. i got a better idea than just taking that picture. i record a short movie clip of it that way you dont think ive photoshoped the image or something. so do i go to the same place to upload the video, at that imageshack place?
  2. PS3

    360 vs PS3

    ok. wheres imageshack? so you want me to take the picture with gears of war and the computer screen with ccleaner forums in a window? ok i will do that but please tell me wheres imageshack.
  3. PS3

    360 vs PS3

    have you waited for something so long, so very long and then all of a sudden it says it will be delayed again and again?? this is what happened to me. i waited for so damn long since 2004. it says it will be out in March 2005 than i had to wait till then and then it says it will be out at the same time the 360 comes out. still delay again. it says March 2006, i waited till then. and it says it will be out in november this year. another delay. then its out Feburary next year and then from what i read in the PS3 portal news site it said it will be out in March next year. from all these f*cking d
  4. PS3

    360 vs PS3

    why do you find it hard to believe? if i didnt tell you before, i'll tell you now. i had over 3000 bux saved for the PS3 and when i knew about the bad news i decided to get the 360.
  5. yeah, i dont get it either. what is so good about it? most people will have a PC. and only a very small percentage will have macs. apple should just stick with their ipods.
  6. PS3

    360 vs PS3

    yeah, PS3 isnt even released yet. after its released i wouldnt be surprised when all the bad news will be toppling on the 360. Edit: i just read a few delays from PS3 news forum. you have won in this aspect that the PS3 will be delayed yet again. its going to be released in March 2007. i cancelled my pre-order, i cannot be more *beep* to wait that long. i bought myself the xbox 360 at a really cheap price $639, one controller, with a free game. some crap golf game. i bought 3 new games. its gears of war, Perfect Dark Zero and DOA 4. havent played it yet because im waiting for t
  7. lol, good luck with that mate, you'll need it.
  8. thanks for that explanation and i didnt mean FF was crap. i meant the RC and beta stuff. so in other words, it will be much safer if i just downloaded it when the full version comes out?
  9. i still dont get whats the difference between this RC1 and beta crap.
  10. PS3


    i found this to be an interesting read. China has built its own version of an ultra-fast, next-generation Internet network that promises to reduce the nation's dependency on foreign firms, the state media has said. The China Education and Research Network 2 has linked up 167 institutes and departments at 25 universities in 20 cities through the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), China Central Television reported. The present Internet is currently run by Internet Protocol version 4, which is limited by the numbers of Internet addresses that can be created and lacks advanced secu
  11. PS3

    360 vs PS3

    if GT5 does come out at 2008. the price of it will surely be unknown till its closer to the date. its really just predicting the price. as of now, its too early to say the exact price.
  12. cool. that answers my question about CCleaner 2.0.
  13. PS3

    360 vs PS3

    i dont need to say anything like that. i know that the PS3 will not come last. Wii will come last, 360 will be second and PS3 will be first. of course.
  14. PS3

    360 vs PS3

    PS3 will be competiting against Wii? i doubt that. PS3 will crush it. even the 360 will crush Wii. there will be no competition. the only real competition will be against PS3 and 360. but most of us already knows who will win that anyway. (PS3)
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