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Netflix finally lets you download shows and movies to watch offline

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You can finally take Netflix with you onto a plane or the subway. Today the company announced that it’s launching offline playback for “many of your favorite streaming series and movies.” Right now, that selection includes stuff made by Netflix (Stranger Things, The Crown, Narcos, Orange is the New Black, etc) but also other movies and shows from other studios, too. Netflix says more content will support downloads in the near future.



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I use to have Netflix. I got rid of it because they started removing all the shows I liked and replaced them with either some low rated shows or their own made shows.


I still prefer Kodi over all of them.

I am a maintainer for Winapp2. I also have a open-source group on Steam.


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Yes to Kodi for me also

Always With Kind Regards


"one is never too old to listen & learn"

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